A Dashing Boy Raj, Beautiful Girl Payal. Raj – aggressive in nature, like to dominate all, on the other side Payal – polite in nature and respect all human being. Destiny met them, what happened after their meeting? Will Payal get dominated by Raj or Raj will get a lesson for life by Payal.

Let’s know what happens to them……………

“When do you think you can behave as every other Indian girl does?” Payal could hear her mother scream on top of her voice.

By now Payal has gathered up all her experiences much enough to know how things are going to line up between her and her mother. “You’re almost hitting your mid-twenties now still thinking that you can goof around with your wayward friends and bully others.”

Payal comes out from her room, pretending to look for something urgent. Apparently, she is trying to avoid an eye contact with her mother.

“Maa, have you seen a maroon diary I had kept right beside the T.V. I have to return it to Sara. She has been asking it for days now.” “Do you think you can give me that i-am-so-studious attitude and get away from my questions?

Payal- Piggy in the Middle

Payal- Piggy in the Middle

Shanti was complaining that you made her nephew trip and fall on his face.” Shanti aunty, their neighbor, can never find peace in the Himalayas as she finds bickering over petty things around her. She never leaves a chance to taunt Payal and her family and lives the moment to the fullest. But this time it’s Payal. She intentionally made him fall over his face hoping this would break his nose bone into pieces.

Just when Payal goes to grab a bite from the juicy green apple, the last one in the packet which her mother had bought from supermarket 3 days before, her mother rushes towards her, snatches the apple from her hand and demands a neat explanation.

Understanding that there’s no way to escape to mother’s wrath; Payal turns to make an eye contact with her and says, “Maa, you know Sandeep irks the hell out of me. He was scoffing at Sara and was calling her names since she broke up with him. And so, I decided to maltreat him in front of his friends. But why do you think I keep bullying people around? There’s a thick line between bullying and showing them the right path and I do the latter for a right cause.”

Payal was feeling proud enough pondering over the neat explanation of her righteous deed.

Sara – The Bone of Contention


“There was no need to get into other’s fight, especially when your friend Sara has messed up her life as well as Sandeep’s. She always needed that attention from boys and be popular among friends. Today’s generation thinks that such things will make their lives happening enough for others to get dazzled towards. What they do not understand is this will affect their future a big way. Which decent man is going to take Sara’s hand considering her past records?”

Payal’s mother never fails to astonish her, but this was something she could not bear with. “’Past records’ did you say? You are making her sound like a criminal, like a robber who just stole one of Picasso’s paintings. She trusted Sandeep more than herself and he kept betraying her the whole time avoiding her phone calls and her messages. He deserved it right. Sara is now smart enough to choose a ‘decent man’ for herself who would be less judgmental regarding her ‘past records’ and accept her the way she is.”

Quoting her mother’s words is something Payal often fears to commit since this is definitely a bigger crime than stealing Picasso’s painting from Barcelona Museum. But when it comes to justifying the ways of the world where a woman also plays a major role, she leaves no stone unturned to empower a woman. “Anyway, I understand that you never liked whatever I did since I was a child and I suppose it will be futile to argue over something I do not regret doing.

Payal Got her First Job

Payal – on getting her first job

Moreover, I need to prepare myself for the big day tomorrow, if that concerns you.” Payal knows her mother never gets satisfied or even bothers to care about her field of interest. But somewhere deep inside Payal was expecting at least a smile since this is going to be a life changer.

“What big day are you talking about?” Her mother raised her right eyebrow in question. “I got a job at a Production house as an assistant producer. They are working on a new project and everyone believes that this new project, which is a Sci-fi movie, is going to be a huge success in Bollywood industry.

I am glad I could make it from the very beginning. They will train me for first few months and then I get a permanent position in the house. After gaining enough expertise from here, I might get a chance to work for the leading production houses of Hollywood.” Payal had gone into trance while describing her dreams hopefully.

Just then her mother snapped at her and brought her back to the reality. ”You call it a job? Never in my life had I thought my daughter would step into the fake world of glamour. It would have been much better if you had studied home science. You can at least cook food and feed your husband.

He will let you stay with him if cook good food if not for your indiscipline attitude towards our culture. This page3 life will devour you someday as this career is not for the middle-class families like us. You should…….” Payal released a heavy sigh and walked towards her room, turning a deaf ear to rest of her mother’s lecture.

Breakfast that was Never Entertained


In the morning, Payal comes out to the hall, wearing a bathrobe with dripping hair.

“Maa, will you iron my purple shirt? I do not want to get late on my first day. I need to dry my hair and re-arrange some of my documents.”

Her mother’s silence gave her an answer. She rushed back to her room hurriedly and plugged the iron into its sockets. While the iron was preparing itself, she was rubbing the towel to her hair. Soon after finishing, she comes to see if her mother has cooked her any breakfast. She finds a plate of hot poha on the dining table. As she was taking a spoon of poha, her mother comes her behind and startles her.

“I see you have decided to go against my wishes in every way I want.” “Maa, you need to believe that film is only I ever wanted for. You should be happy for me that I finally got something I wanted for years” To this, her mother replied, “Even your elder brother wanted to do something exciting in his life and you know what price he had to pay for it. Moreover, you are a girl. You ought not to cross your radius.”

Payal never thought this would be coming from her at this point in time. She decided to head out with an empty stomach.

Just when she was going to start her scooty, “My little sister is an assistant producer now, eh.” Payal smiles to herself. She knew her brother will meet her on her important day even if he dares not to go in front of her mother. “Mother is still mad at me I suppose.”

Payals’ Brother – A Mystery

Payal’s Brother

“Please bhai, you often meet me, but for once you must meet maa as well. I am sure she’ll forget everything once she sees you in front of her.” “It’s just not simple. After whatever I did, I don’t think I can gather enough guts to show my face to her. Anyway, you should know that maa is concerned for you. She worries about your future because you are the only one she has. She fears for you. But I want you not to give up your dreams. Now that you’re stepping into the real world, you must know how to handle situations tactfully. Not just the situations but also the people who are creating them. You’ll find many people dominating you in your office especially, the male workers, but I want you to be strong like Maa.” Payal listens to all his words in agreement.

Then they together hum Christina Aguilera’s song, ‘cause it makes me that much stronger, makes me work a little bit harder….her brother’s favorite song they used to sing together.

Payal Reaches Office Well Dressed Up

Luckily, she reached office on time. Being an Indian girl, she touches the ground before entering the building like Indians do before a temple. With giant hopes, she takes a deep breath and opens the glass door. As she was moving forward looking at the wall paintings, she dashed into women who seemed to be in her late twenties. Payal noticed that the woman eyes were swollen and red like she was crying………………………..

Why was she crying! Could Payal meet Raj? What happened when they met?

Read remaining part of the story in the next episode tomorrow – 14th Nov 2017!

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