Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are considered to be qualities of a lazy writer, and can also ruin your connection with your readers. It could be a corporate letter, a blog post, a school assignment essay, or an official email to someone important, if there are lots of errors, you are going to be looked at as someone who is ignorant and lethargic. It could very well be a mistake that you are unaware of.

Common Writing Errors

Many have a tough time understanding the difference between “affect” and “effect” or your and you’re. Most of the time people are not even aware that there exists a difference between the two words. However, making writing mistakes can really hurt a person’s career or test marks. If there are any common writing mistakes or grammatical errors in your resume, an employer might simply filter you off the list.

How to Resolve Writing Errors

In this infographic from Walkerstone, a variety of common writing errors have been listed along with the meaning and solutions for each of the common errors. You can go through the list to check if you are among those who are making these common writing mistakes. If so, you can check out the solutions, understand, and correct yourself. You can save yourself from committing these common errors in the future.

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2 thoughts on “What People Think of you When you Make Writing Errors

  1. Hello. Thanks for the informative article.
    Yes, errors in the text – a thing not pleasant. And often they are committed, as they say, “by stupidity.” I do not want to offend anyone, I mean only that the mistake was made due to inattention, a “stupid” mistake. A typo, for example. But sometimes mistakes in texts occur and by ignorance how correctly the word is spelled. Or, there is also the “first reading effect”. There are many options … One way or another, each of us makes mistakes in the texts. But not everyone sees his mistake and corrects it in time.
    In addition to the summary, grammatical errors also occur in student argumentative or other essay. Therefore, before giving your text to a teacher, a recruiter, etc., let someone read your paper. And for sure, he will see and correct your mistakes (if any).

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