What is happiness? It could be – saying yes to exercise, working hard for success, achieving success and earning big bucks! Is this happiness? Yes for ’many’ and no for ‘some’!

Happiness dwells in our soul! If you can feel it from the core of your heart under all odds, you have acquired it. For this, you constantly have to work hard to appreciate and thank the Almighty for all you have, all you possess, all you can offer to others and all those thoughts that keep you on your heels even in the face of all adversities and hardships!

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

By Sharing, it grows

Truly said it cannot be enjoyed alone! By sharing, it grows! There are several statements and definitions crafted by people who spent their time and life understanding and feeling” happiness”! Coming to the practical world – it can be said happiness is as difficult to obtain as easy to practiceHappiness is mastered not accomplished.

Happiness is practiced not achieved! Crazy? No! It’s true (as per my experience)! Happiness is not achieved it is mastered through constant practice! As we all know, happiness is a state of mind – stress-free mind where things happen as you wish and most importantly you have nothing to lose, you are at least risk!

But how this state of mind can be acquired? This is where you need to work hard to retain the sustainability of this state of mind where no somber can shake you and no achievement can go to your head!  This is where you enjoy and experience happiness! Where no lust, desire, or temptation can win you over! But it is tough to remain undeterred from any desire and fancy! Then how to achieve happiness?

How to Be Happy in Today’s Scenario

How to Be Happy in Today’s Scenario

In today’s lifestyle where people are crazy about success, achievement and power – acquiring this state of mind is something like acquiring treasure!

What When Things Don’t Move as You Wish

It’s just impossible to control and manipulate the sequence of events and happenings as per your expectation and desires! Can you still be happy? Probably not! Finding happiness under these circumstances, if you can lead you to divine pleasure and you will have to master this! How? By believing in yourself! By constantly saying to yourself – will be happy in any odd, I can be happy under any odd!

Don’t let the gloom defeat you!

Don’t let the gloom defeat you!

“If you can laugh on your loss, if you can control your emotions when things are going out of control, if you can keep your calm at the biggest of uproar, if you can survive when life is slipping out of your hand, if you do not give up hope after losing all your belongings – you can win happiness, nothing can stop you from being happy!”

But how to maintain the calm under worst circumstances? It’s all about patience, meditation, audacity and most importantly optimistic approach towards life!

How your positivity can drive you towards happiness – find here in my next blog!

I would love to hear if you have any suggestion or experiences that you wish to share while finding happiness!

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2 thoughts on “What is Happiness

  1. We are trapped in our mind and that always holds us from attaining our true state of happiness.

    Once we come out of this trap we become happy for ever.

    Then what is the happiness?

    It is our true state of being.


    1. Yes, It’s the state of mind- how you want to lead your life! People remain unhappy even after having everything! It’s the contentment that makes us happy under every odd!

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