NLP, “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” is a technique, developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the year 1972. A technique developed for the betterment of people so that you can live the lives we want. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or say NLP isn’t just a thought of ‘why’ things are happening in your lives. It is an act of ‘how’ you can have control of your lives.  An act to overcome your past. An act of welcoming your future with open arms. An initiative to have control of what you think today.

How NLP works?

How NLP works

NLP basically works at three different levels signifying its three words. ‘Neuro’ is for your brain. The quality of thoughts you are referring from the outside world. As the food you eat controls your bodies, so the thoughts you let go in your lives control your minds. So, NLP firstly works on the enrichment of information you gather. Then comes, ‘Linguistic’, the study of language – the way you are connecting with the outside world. You become what you think and speak. So, getting control of how and what you speak is also important. And finally, ‘Programming’, programming every step you take. Getting control of everything happening in your lives.

Why NLP?


NLP is a technique which helps you make your lives the way you want- getting control of every single thought going in your heads. As Brain Tracy said, You cannot control what happens to you. But you can control your attitude towards it. You will be mastering change. Rather than allowing it to master you.  So, NLP works. By going through an NLP program, your attitude towards your lives drastically changes. NLP can treat problems such as phobias, depression, tic disorders, near-sightedness, and allergy as well as learning disorders. This technique has no scientific existence still, many hypnotherapists continue practicing it. It has always shown a great impact on our society.

Taking Charge of Your Life

Taking Charge of Your Life

Everyone in this world wants complete control over what’s happening in his life. Just think, who will not love when everything starts going in our favor? But is it happening every time in your life? I know, it isn’t, because this is life. Wayne Dyer also said once, “I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside.” NLP techniques help you to do so. You cannot always control what is happening around you. But you can have control of what’s going in your head. Yes, you can do so. Remember, the only thing which is in your control is your thoughts. The book “How to Take Charge of Your Life” by Richard Bandler contains many NLP techniques which help you to build a totally different personality of yours. Thus, giving you the power to take charge of your lives.

Some NLP Tools and Techniques

Some NLP Tools and Techniques

NLP provides the practical ways through which we can alter the perspective of thinking. Overcome any bad memories of your past and walk freely in a happy-go future. Here are some of the few NLP techniques which can lead you towards a different world of thinking and deal with your problems:

  1. Loop Breaks: It controls feelings, behaviors or reactions to certain conditions.
  2. Mirroring: It builds rapport and trust.
  3. Framing: It increases or decreases emotional response to memories.
  4. Presuppositions: It makes an unconscious suggestion.
  5. Brilliance Squared: It conjures up the feeling.
  6. Swish: It replaces or changes the feelings associated with a condition.
  7. Moving Images: It magnifies good feelings and makes bad feelings weaker.
  8. NLP Meta Model: It helps clarify communication.
  9. Pattern Interruptions: It is used to leave unconscious messages in the mind.
  10. Anchoring: It implants a sensation into the mind to act as a trigger.

Rememberyou can’t always control every event that sneaks into your lives. But you can control which window to throw them out.

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