Do you know soft skills contribute significantly to your professional success? Let me share you a story to elaborate on the role that soft skills can play in your professional life. The story is about two professional bloggers. Both of the bloggers have the same level of qualification, experience, and quality of articles.

One blogger doesn’t get along with his team, develops issues with his team and changes his job after every 5-6 months, while the other is a star employee of his company and gets praises of his boss. Now let me tell you that both these bloggers are me. At the initial stage of my career, I developed a strained working relationship with every team I worked. The major reasons were my inability to take the criticism, lack of will to take up challenges and poor communication skills.

Two years down the line and here I am having the best time of my professional life with my wonderful coworkers. Today, I am open to positive criticism, I am willing to take up challenging projects and I can effectively communicate my ideas to my team.

The moral of the story is that it takes more than your qualification and technical skills to excel in your job. It is your soft skills that assist you in giving the best shot to your job and becoming a useful member of your team.

So if you too want to achieve heights of success in your profession, here are some of the best soft skills you must build during the course of your professional life:

1. Lifelong Learning

lifelong learning

According to a survey by The Evolllution, 78% of employers say that lifelong learning is a big factor when it comes to awarding promotion to employees, while 87% say that lifelong learning influences the decision in matters of salary and compensation.

Therefore, if you want to continue climbing the career ladder, you need to keep updating your skills and education with the passage of time.

2. Communication Skills

Communication Skills

There can be nothing more valuable a skill in an employee than having excellent communication skills. Good communication skills include everything from writing a good email and assertively conveying your points in a team meeting to voicing the issues as a manager and mediating between team members.

Effective communication bridges the ideological gaps between team members and also helps them work as a team.

3. Commitment


Being committed to your job is something an employer expects highly from a worker. Professional workers who value their job and dedicate themselves to their work are the ones who are likely to gain the trust of their employers. This is something you cannot learn in an institute and you can build this trait only when you give top priority to your work over other things.

4. Time Management Skills

Time Management

Having time management skills is crucial to your professional success. It helps you organize your job so that you can do justice to your work. It is not about juggling the different tasks of your work but about giving due attention to each of the tasks.

It is about organizing your projects, delegating tasks, and dividing your attention equally to every project. Having sound time management skills can help you do more things in less time.

5. Teamwork

Team Work

Being a team player is one of the distinguished qualities of a star employee. When you are an employee, you work in tandem with your coworkers. It is the synergy of individual team members that a team is able to produce the desired results.

So unless you can give your input on a project and contribute to its intellectual, creative and technical requirements, you cannot become a productive employee of a company.

6. Adaptability


Adaptability is about being able to change yourself with the changing dynamics of your company. It is about taking up the challenges and producing results under difficult conditions. As an employee, you should be able to accept the changes in your company and change your priorities to fit yourself in a new environment.

Soft skills are your toolkit to effectively communicate and give your best shot at your job. The aforementioned are some of the soft skills you should adopt today to start making an impact in your job.

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