Happiness has catapulted its relevance manifolds in today’s scenario. Today people are more stressed out and depressed due to various reasons, and wrong lifestyle is the greatest culprit.  Some other accomplices include, ubiquitous and complicated gadgets, diluting moral and family values and above all pervert human mentality.

In this scenario, we find ourselves confined to our personal and professional liabilities and never bother about living the life to its fullest. Leading a healthy and happy life as taken a back seat; and we are habitual of taking life as it comes. We never try to know the causes of our depression and dissatisfaction! Even if a few could find (of course a few intellect ones), they often fail to find the solution to ward off these somber to feel motivated and happy.

Why happiness is important? Is it really so! Yes, it works like a feed to your spiritual cravings. Until you have completely satisfied your spiritual lust of happiness, the desire for more and lust for success, cannot subside.

How to Be Happy

How to stay happy and contented in present scenario? Through my own life experience, I have collected five top happiness sources that can never fade away over time! Have a look!

Nature – Great source of Happiness

Flirting With Nature

People are crazy about flirting and wooing someone or the other through several means and tactics, i.e. via facebook and other networking sites, using conventional and unused tactics too but if you ask me there is not greater friend and comrade then nature!

Trust me, if you really want to flirt with someone, there is no better company than the lush greenery, sparkling stars at night, selflessly flowing rivers, singing birds, romancing twigs of woody plants, and soft milky light of moon! Just try once to get drenched under the milky shower of moonlight, twinkling stars, hear minutely chirps of tiny birds that you never see, get merged within the fresh, tender and soft green lush carpet of grass, you will be mesmerized and find yourself within the lap of selfless nature that never expect anything from you (unlike any human being), and is always dedicated to offer everything wholeheartedly. This is the biggest way to unwind yourself and make your life happier!

Music – Brings close to God

Divine Magic of Music

Whenever you listen to music, soft soothing and pacifying, it beings you closer to God, leaving tears in your eyes! For sure! I have experienced it every time I watch music program and hear music of my choice. It is the best way to beat stress, depression and uplift your mood. I haven’t seen God but I am sure He survives in music and there is no better way to adore Him than listening to great and heartening music.

Music is of several types, what soothes you matters most. Listen to soft and cozy music and feel yourself submerged in the world of music mania, which is as pleasurable as God. I am pretty sure of it!  If you can trust!

Children – Source of Happiness

Children – Bundle of Joy

These days, people wish to get rid of children given their tight schedule and lack of time. But do you know children could be the biggest and easily available stress-buster (available in every house)? Yes I mean it!

Don’t try to get rid of your kids but make them your friend. Very often they are able to solve the some really complex problems (at least at that time), solution of which might be very simple but due to stress and preoccupation you may not be able to identify it.

One day when I was trying to complete a circle in a blocks game, I was held up at the last block I was unaware what trick to apply to complete it. My 5 year old younger son found me in confusion! He watched for few seconds and then held both the ends of the block and merged it together, and the circle was complete! How easy it was, but I could not think that way. I was looking for the final block, there was no such block! So, play with your kid, just like a child. You will learn a lot and it will also elevate your mood and give you strength to bounce back to your work!

Books – Greatest Friend

Fascinating Company of Books

Books have always been said to be the best friends! This is absolutely true. Even if you’ve badly packed schedule, spare 15 minutes a day to read any book of your taste! You will yourself fall in love with the anxiety to complete it and read next.

Books are the greatest companion that never leaves or ditched you under any situation. You can rely on it blindly. It not only improves your knowledge but also entertains you, allowing you spend your time effectively. Try once and you’ll see that you’re addicted to it, which is of course and addiction but better than any other! Falling in love with reading offers great results in terms of happiness and inspiration upliftment. There is no better addiction than books, for sure!

Fitness Inspires

Pure, Refreshing and Healthy Exercise (Yoga)

This is the last but not the least happiness source, leads you to improved lifestyle and blesses you with great life! Majority of time we fail and often become lazy about our own body. Our physical entity is the reason behind our every success, achievement and happiness. If you cannot take care and respect yourself how other will? Don’t ever neglect and abuse your physical strata. Your body is the home to your desires! Consolidate and strengthen yourself by regular exercise, specifically yoga! Desires dies with your weak and feeble body! So, make your mind and plan out your routine and don’t forget to include exercise in it. You can yourself watch the results in a month! I am sure you would be beaming with confidence and charm due to health and happiness that exercise will add to your life!


Hope these five tips will help you know the most important eternal happiness sources that will remain relevant always! All these tips are medically proved and personally tested. So, no reason not to follow these tips! It’s only the first step that requires effort and commitment, rests will follow you automatically!

If you wish to share some other tips, which might have helped you in your life, feel free to share here and help me add to this list! Best of luck and happy living!

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