What could be more fabulous than winning your lady? Confused how to do it? Probably this post can help you!

Before starting off, let’s have a brief idea what actually personality is? I know you know! But do you really know? Is your concept of personality, the right definition? Very few know it! Not shocking! I am sure very few of you know it!

Let’s take this challenge of answering the puzzle – what personality is? Looking good, attractive and flaunting your latest car, branded watch, designer suit or wearing expensive perfume! Probably, yes for many!  Whether you belong to masculine or feminine gender, all the above traits are not the signs of personality! It all exhibits the family, society, and culture you belong to and it has nothing to do with your personality. Of course, not!

Then what is personality? It’s the way you communicate, perceive things, deliver your thoughts and execute your tasks. It’s not your physical demeanor but inherited faculties that are thereby birth and a few are polished over time. You may not be wearing expensive attire; you may not be exhibiting an appealing physique; but your knowledge, fascinating aura could be magnetic.

1. Clear and Eloquence Communication

Clear and Eloquence Communication

Clarity and eloquence are dominated by listening, consistency, reasoning, prudence, tone, pitch and emotional control. Eloquence is not about what to speak but how to speak! There are several laureates having in-depth knowledge in their respective fields, but when it comes to influencing with speech, they fail. Having knowledge cannot make you a good speaker; how to express and impart your knowledge matters! It is often said, “if I cannot understand the way you teach, teach me the way I understand”. So you need to assess the understanding level of your listener to deliver your thoughts. You may not have a great knowledge on the subject you are speaking; but still, you can influence your listener by impressing them with your style of delivery, voice quality, tone, pitch and your emotional involvement into it.  Right preposition of all these traits is admired by all and your lady too!

2. Spice of Humor

Spice of Humor

Life is full of wonders and dejections, adding some spice of humor to it can work as magical tadka to your slow-moving life! It’ll offer a push to your mood and efforts! Everyone wants to be happy and successful today! Humor is one such spice that can boost your morale and add some light moments to your day. If you can add a small pinch of humor in your speech, it can help you win the center of attraction. No one wants to talk with people who are gloomy, sad and spread negative vibe all around. Cheerful, happy and humorous personality is liked and admired all over. Being humorous, without hurting anyone, can win you your lady too!

3. Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Yes, this too matters! Unhygienic people are a big no for everyone! Being clean and hygienic is good for your personal life too! It will keep you fresh and healthy! What’s harm in maintaining a good personal hygiene habit, when it is for the betterment of all? Female is especially fussy about cleanliness; and if you wish to be in their good books, of course, you have to be on the same platform. So no dirty nails and stinking breath! It may put off your lady!

4. Special Talent

Special Talent

This aspect is the most attractive personality trait that can woo anyone! If you’re good at painting, singing, speaking, music, or any talent that is not found in all, you are the winner! It could be your expertise in driving, biking, skiing, swimming or any other expertise. Just ensure what you are good at. The talent could be in any field, you need to realize your taste and polish it for making it a profession, and the entire world would be yours!

I haven’t added great physique as a personality booster as I feel there are many people who flaunt a great physique but they may not have all the above traits that can win every one. Looking good alone cannot get you any shortcut or plus points to be successful in your life.

If you really want to have all the admiration and attention in your life, above said are the real attention grabber traits. Try it out! If you can add even anyone to your personality, I am sure you would be able to basket the rests too! And the sky’s the limit for you! All the best!

I might have missed out a few personal traits that you feel should have shared space in this post! Please share them, so that I can add few more for making it a complete guide!

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