Happiness is seductive! We all long for it and often we get it too but can we feel the same happiness always? Not sure! There are certain time-tested and proven happiness tips that can shower on you the treasure of happiness always! Let’s have a sneak peak!

1st Tip – Stay Healthy

Health is of the essence when it comes to happiness. Without health no happiness can ever be enjoyed. Stay healthy, do exercise, meditate and self introspect a lot to stay healthy and happy.

2nd Tip – Don’t Criticize

We find solace in criticizing others. No one is perfect! We all are fusion of good and bad traits. Ignore the bad attributes and appreciate good ones in everyone. Your surrounding will be filled with happiness.

3rd Tip – Say Sorry Frequently

Yet another term that can give you immense pleasure by viewing cheerful faces of people around you. When you think you have no debts, there is always someone you owe an apology to! Just release this stress from your mind and feel the lightness you experience.

4th Tip – Forgive

One of the best weapons to mow down all controversies and disputes in your life is forgiveness. You will never earn enemies. It is not being submissive; but being humane and generous.  

5th Tip – Give Free Hug

A great soother! A big theory behind happiness in life! When you hug someone, you send a message of peace, happiness and care. This is the real source of happiness. Give it often; just ensure the person is right!

6th Tip – Give Away what you Want

I have promoted this concept in my earlier blog Inspirational Thoughts – The Secret of Success” too. Here law of attraction works. Give away what you want. Follow the saying – give the world the best and the best will come back to you! Try once! You will not repent on giving away! For sure!

7th Tip – Develop Patience

This is what is lacking nowadays! Lack of patience has led to several controversies, battles and even world wars. Revenge and anger are the products of impatience. Let it not come near you! You will survive and remain happy at all situations.

8th Tip – Never Ignore Children

Children – greatest gift of God! Make them your friend and you will find yourself closer to God. Play with them, spend time with them! You will feel relieved and contented.

9th Tip – Pamper Yourself

Spare time for yourself! It’s you who is here! You are, so everything is there! If you do not appreciate and love yourself how you can be happy! Do what makes you happy like playing, singing, sleeping, music etc.

10th Tip – Don’t Forget to Pray

Pray is powerful. When doctors fail; pray works! Even a dying person can revive, if the pray is done overwhelmly! No sorrow can be bigger than death! If it can defeat death, it can gift you happiness too! It soothes and pacifies your soul!

11th Tip – Learn to Say NO

It’s often necessary! A simple ‘no’ can spare you from big troubles. Say no to what you think is wrong. You may hurt someone but crushing your consciousness may lead to lifelong grief! Don’t repent for life on not saying “No” to someone!

12th Tip – Say WE not I

Learn to say “We” in place of “I”. This is the greatest achievement leading to happiness. We often become self-centered and think of ourselves. It brings somber and melancholy! The more you give the more you get! “We” is strength, “I” is loneliness.

13th Tip – Accept Failure

Success is a source of happiness, which is not achieved without tasting failure. Don’t panic with failure! Make it your friend! One day it will lead you to success! This is the key to be Successful in Life!

14th Tip – Don’t Run After Perfection

There is no such term like “Perfection”. Nothing is perfect, no one is perfect. Development is progressive this shows there is nothing that is perfect. Or else we wouldn’t have strived for progress. We are progressing. This shows there is still scope of development! This is evident, nothing is perfect.

15th Tip – Don’t Stop Learning

There is no age or time bar learning! It is ongoing! I have discussed it in my earlier post “10 Tips to be Successful in Life”. It gives confidence and sense of contentment leading to ultimate happiness.

16th Tip – Go in Solitude

Go often in isolated place where you can listen to yourself. No body to accompany! Remote and isolated woods to reinvent yourself! It will generate new life and energy to get back to your life with fervor.

17th Tip – Express Gratitude

We often ignore to say thanks to someone whom we owe so many things. To God, parents, spouse, children, colleague, friend, teacher, peer, and everyone who have contributed something or the other in making us what we are today! Don’t be miser in telling “thanks” to them!  It is the key to Happiness!

18th Tip – Celebrate Small Success

We always wait for big success in life and in this effort miss several small pleasures. Small success and happiness makes the music of life.  Don’t ignore small happiness; it will give you enthusiasm to lead to greater success!

19th Tip – Retain the Innocence of a Child

The person with a heart of innocence; is the happiest person! Retaining the childlike innocence will always keep your heart and soul pure and away from mire of selfishness, leading to happiness.

20th Tip – Mind Your Tongue  

Keep your tongue under control. It can trigger disputes and often heinous crimes too! Uncontrolled tongue can do the greatest damage in your life! Think many times before you speak! It will never put you in awkward situation and remain source of happiness.

So, friends! Was the list too long? May be, but happiness does not come cheap! So this is just a small price for lifelong happiness! Share your happiness tips, if I have left out a few in this piece!

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    1. Thanks Nirav,

      Trust me you will like each post as all are the product of my own experience not any research work! I know people well placed are in dire need of happiness and inspiration these days to be happy in their lives. They are successful in professional fronts but may not be in personal lives.. take time to read each piece and keep following the post! I promise to provide the best happiness and personal development tips always!

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