In the present scenario, when things are not falling in place for many organization due to better employment opportunities, flexible working hours, outsourcing culture, technological advancement in almost every sector and several other segments that have taken toll on the loyalty of employees, it’s time to sit back and analyze the reasons your employees are leaving!

I am sure there is no single company that is not facing this stigma! Probably you need to handle the situation with patience and planning! There are some guidelines that can help you retain your employees!

Here it goes!

Know Family Background

1. Understand their Family Background

It is imperative to understand if the employee, you are going to hire, can survive the type of work pressure you are going to offer! This can often be analyzed by knowing their family backing. Persons who have already survived several mental and social liabilities earlier are strong enough to take it up. But this is not the only reason you need to understand their background. It will also help you know the perception level of the employees and how they will respond to a specific situation. In addition, it will also help employees to relate with your company by interacting at personal level. It gives a human touch to your employees and makes them comfortable in your company!

Right Orientation

2. Right Orientation

It is the introductory session of the employees, which is conducted to offer direction about the company’s goals, objectives and visions to the employee, company’s expectations from them, and also welcome them to the company. It should be interactive and enthusiastic not for the sake of doing it! It’s the first impression of your company before the employees and it may influence their decision to stay or leave the company. Make it memorable for employees.

Stay in Touch

3. Stay in Touch

This is the biggest aspect that companies often fail to comply with. People in management are not very interested in interacting with the employees except informing about the guidelines, admin policies and other related practices. Except all these, you need to offer a human touch also to each employee to make them settle down comfortably! Meet personally each employee at least once a month or if possible many times. You may be busy, but it’s a matter of retaining good employee on which you business survives. Don’t be under this notion that you have offered them employment you’re the boss! Of course you are, if you wouldn’t have staff, who will run your business? If you treat them as your family and meet personally they will also respond similarly! What is harm in motivating them by meeting them? Spare time, trust me, they worth it!

Rewarding Policy

4. Rewarding Policy

The most motivating factor that you may not consider in budget! It will take some time and a small budget for every month but the reward to your company will be long lasting! People long for getting appreciated and rewards for their performance apart from their due pay check! It not only motivates them for better performance, but also helps your business achieve targets before time. Every month “Star Employee of the Month Award” can be a great motivational concept, which can be equipped with a small gift from the management not from the employees. It will also set a trend in your company and add to your company reputation.

Celebrate Each Festival at Company Cost

5. Celebrate Each Festival at Company Cost

I have observed personally that employees celebrate festival at workplaces at their own expense! Let this not happen. It is a big set off for employees. If you want to get the best productivity from employees, this is a small price. If you’re earning in millions, consider these small expense as investment that your employees will return by putting their 100%. It is a big morale booster to your employees.

Work Flexibility

6. Work Flexibility

Most of organizations are running their offices all 24 hours. Offering the flexible working hour can be one of the motivation boosters, results of which would be splendid! Trust me, experiment this at least ones in your organization and reap the benefits. If you want to retain the best talents, don’t ignore this aspect of running your company! Rewards would be amazing! Keeping proper track of each employee performance is not wrong, but unless you offer them complete liberty to perform their tasks, you cannot expect great results. They are human beings, not machines! Give them their space and watch the results. You can remind them, if they are lagging behind but don’t pressurize them! They themselves will put their best efforts, if you trust them!  

Depute Right Representative

7. Depute Right Representative

Just ensure you have best managers with you! Listen to them! Ensure they are capable, experienced and most importantly they are able to understand their subordinate’s problems and skills. Don’t depute any such manager who is not acceptable by his/her peers as a leader. Leadership is not about having great knowledge but it’s a fusion of personality, communication, knowledge, experience, and over all having the skills to manage people without creating any conflict amongst them. Make sure you have good managers, they will automatically retain employees. You don’t need to worry.

Know Their Talents

8. Know Their Talents

You must conduct an “Employee Talent Search Program” to understand the talents each employee is gifted with, other than for what they have been hired. You will find number of employees having more than one skill! Most of the employees are crazy about establishing and showcasing their talents before others to gain attention and better career opportunity. Identify these talents and provide them with the right responsibility, of course apart from their duties, to manifest their skills. For instant, if a SEO guy is good at painting/fine arts he/she can design your business brochures or portfolios. You can set a small incentive for this task. It will help employees of multiple skills to demonstrate their skills and will also boost their morale and inspire them to stay with your company.

Relaxation Session

9. Relaxation Session

This too adds to the productivity! It’s not killing of time. I have noticed – more you’re relaxed, better you perform. Keep a relaxation session in between your office hours. Say for 30 minutes. In this session employees would be allowed to hangout, chat or relax outside or within their workplaces. You can jot down the guidelines for this purpose and circulate it in advance. It will not waste your office hours but add to the productivity – test it! You may have tight deadline, still you can find out the right time for this purpose. It’s one of the productivity boosters.

Don’t Spy

10. Don’t Spy

Yes, you heard right! Spying is mistrust! Trust is productivity! Restriction often develops mistrust! Most companies use all sorts of technologies and even spend thousands of dollars spying on their employees. Had you spent this amount in rewarding them, you would have gotten much more then you spent. Trust me; spying will separate your employees from the soul of your company! They cannot relate with the company goals. They will feel they are hired just for work, now like a family! In a family we do not spy on one another! We trust everyone! Do keep a check, reprimand the defaulter, but not religiously for the purpose of screwing them. Casually you can have a chat about their deadlines and other aspects but establishing a guideline of entrance, communication and other activities, especially to spy on them, will piss them off.

All these tips might be very unprofessional for those who are strict managers, but strictness cannot pay you in the long run, this you would have learned by now!

So please, let your employees trust you, don’t hold them by their neck, they’re not kids! They will return what they will get from you!

Go with this adage: Give the world the best and the best will come back to you!     

I have been employed by several companies, I know what they lack. Now it’s the sweet will of the companies, how religiously they wish to implement these motivational guidelines in your organization!

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