Life is full of mysteries!  More we ignore, the more it reveals. If you’re confused about life and its truths, let me remind you quickly to make your life better by starting to accept these life truths.

1. Death is Inevitable

Death is Inevitable

This is the greatest truth! If you are alive today, you will die too! There is no denying to this fact.

But the motivational part is, “don’t question when you will die, but how you will live!
Aim to live lively and happy! It will make you mortal and leave a trail of happiness and example for others to follow! Living under the shadow of death is accepting defeat without fighting!

2. You Cannot Take Anything With You

You Cannot Take Anything With You

Not even your memories! Then why to create so much mess and struggle to acquire wealth, popularity and all luxuries of life!

Stay contented, because even if you would have all these materialistic assets, peace and satisfaction cannot be purchase even after spending all your wealth. It comes only when you self introspect and think how much actually you need to survive!

3. You Cannot Reverse the Time

Time in Non Reversible

Time is running every second. No wealth can ever bring a single moment back! Never! You can never reverse the time!

But you can understand its preciousness and spend it wisely to achieve peace, happiness and satisfaction in life and share with others the secret to live happy without requiring time to reverse.

4. You Cannot Avoid Aging

You Cannot Avoid Aging

Even if medical science can delay the process of aging, it cannot stop it!

It’s better to live your life to the fullest before age can overpower your strength and desires! Still will power and positive thoughts can never age! You can still be young and ecstatic if you know how to retain this inspirational attribute!

5. Nothing is Perfect

Nothing is Perfect

It is true! You or anyone cannot be perfect. We all are bundle of good and bad attributes. Don’t make unnecessary efforts to make yourself perfect.

Of course you can try to do everything in a different way and to the best possible manner.  Have faith in this adage – slow and steady wins the race! Be consistent in your efforts and you will reach the peak one day!

6. You Cannot Please Everyone

You Cannot Please Everyone

Even if you are good to all, you cannot please everyone. When you think you have no debts, there is someone whom you owe an apology.

So, don’t try to go out of the way to please everyone, crushing your own self-consciousness and self-esteem. There are people who will never please with you, let them be in their dream world.

7. You Have to Live Your Share of Misery

You Have to Live Your Share of Misery

Each one of us is born with some share of good and bad experiences in life. If you have enjoyed happiness in life, sorrow is but to come. You cannot avoid it!

But you should face bad days with courage and positive mind to let it pass without harming and affecting you much.

8. You Are Alone

You Are Alone

When you came, you were alone! When you will go, you will be alone. Nobody will accompany you!

It manifests, you should learn to live and learn happiness in solitude. It is the greatest strength of your life.

9. Trust Cannot Be Rebuilt

Trust Cannot Be Rebuilt

Once broken, trust cannot be rebuilt. Trust on others, but not blindly!

Trusting yourself is the best policy! Don’t doubt everyone, but don’t trust also without knowing the facts.

10. Change is Unavoidable

Change is Unavoidable

Don’t curse change! It is for the benefit of human race. It is inevitable, welcome it wholeheartedly.

Just try to keep pace with every new change that teaches something and makes you a better person in life. It will never scare you!

These are some of the hardcore facts of life that we do not want to accept!  Accepting these truths of life can change the entire course of your life and make you a stronger and happier person! Try it out and feel the difference! 

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