Who doesn’t want to be happy? But most of us are not happy! You know why? The reason is simple – they do not want to! Yes, they do not want to be happy or else there is not force that can leave you unhappy without your consent! It’s only you who is responsible for your happiness and sadness. You may have many reasons to blame others for your destitute and hardship but the fact is something else. If you will peep into your own deeds and activities you will realize it’s only you who is liable for your condition! But I have some easy mantras that can revitalize your mind and soul beyond measures and bring your life back to joy and full of pleasure!

1. Discover yourself

Discover yourself

We often get lost in our day-to-day life so much that we forget thinking about ourselves. When you do not get time for yourself, it’s a warning sign you are actually overworked. Don’t do it! It will hurt in the long run. Spare some time from your professional and personal commitments and think about yourself. Do things that make you happy! It could be watching TV, listening to music or anything that you like.

2. Go Healthy

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

All your commitments and every deed you are going to accomplish through your body! It has to be strong and healthy enough to perform every task you dream to do. For this, you must spare 15 minutes every day, preferably in the morning, for exercise and keep it fit and fine to do the job assigned. This is very important. Many times we often ignore our health with a plea that we’re too busy doing it! I have been ignoring my health since few years. But the body has its own way of reacting and if you ignore the warning, you may land in great trouble. So, friends, it’s your body that will help you achieve your goals! Please do not ignore it! Every machine need servicing, your body is no different! A healthy body also keeps you fresh, rejuvenated and lively.

3. Recall your Achievements

Recall your Achievements

I am sure most of you just do not bother about your achievements if you haven’t achieved anything big. It’s not big achievements that matter or bring your life to a turning point! Even small accomplishments can boost your morale and bring a new source of happiness and fulfil feeling all your life.  Have you won a certificate in music, dance or painting? Could you complete your given project or a task assigned in time? These too are your achievements that can bring a smile on your face and your day happy! Isn’t it?

4. Devour Inspirational Stuffs

Grab Inspirational Stuff

Inspiration is the biggest magic wand that can change your entire life, helping you know what you worth and what’s your strength. Always keep few inspirational books and autobiographies that have inspired and motivated you always. It works! Whenever you feel down and exhausted, lay your hand to these books. You can also read inspiration blogs, websites etc. that you like most! I would suggest, bookmark your best inspirational blogs for everyday reading. Spare few minutes every day reading inspirational stuff! It can actually keep you going and inspire you to face the rough patches of your life bravely. Of course, making you happy too!

5. Limit Internet Surfing

Limit Internet Surfing

You might be wondering whether it works! Yes, it will. Spending most of the time online may be fun for you initially, but it becomes an addiction if not restricted. Instead of finding joy, you may land in trouble due to its long-term health issues. You can limit your online surfing to checking necessary mail once in a day and rest of time you can spend doing something more constructive and something you like most. If you have to stay online professionally due to your commitments avoid checking emails and other social networking sites frequently. It distracts! Keep it to minimal. You will have more time for yourself.   

6. Grow Social Circle

Grow Social Circle

This will give you happiness! Look around and find out who you can help and how! You don’t have to be rich for this. It is done from the heart, not money. You’re a small act of help can bring a ton of happiness and satisfaction in your life! Try out and you will never find yourself sad and unhappy. You will earn millions of blessings. This is priceless! A single deed of charity and goodwill can overshadow your millions that you have earned in your life. Try it and feel the pleasure. I was overwhelmed by the initiative taken by Sonu Nigam. He sang songs on Mumbai streets without being recognized for hours in the disguise of an old man.

7. Grab Sound Sleep

Take Sound Sleep

If you get sound sleep you are fortunate. It is one of the most desired treasures these days. You may get branded bed, not sleep. Because you cannot buy it! It comes when you are happy and satisfied! If you want to be happy, grabbing some quality sleep is a must. Leave everything aside – your stress, hardship, and workload, take a power nap! If possible sleep till hours of sleep! I am sure, you’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenating with new energy, satisfaction, and zest! Have you ever tried this sleep therapy? If not, you are missing the most precious and free secret to happiness and motivation!

8. Practice Meditation

Meditate Regularly

It will give you piece of mind and develop your focus and concentration. Devote few minutes daily and watch the difference. You can choose any time of your day, preferably when there is the least noise at home. Grab a cool, clean and comfortable place and sit meditate. Try to wash out every thought from your mind while meditating and concentrate on a point at a distance closing your eyes. You can increase the time gradually of meditation as per your convenience. Things will actually start changing in your life. You would be able to do every small work with more concentration, and dedication and in lesser time. Try out once!

9. Cook your Favorite Food

Satiate your Palate

Who doesn’t want to relish delicious food! For most of us, it is the way to your heart. Although not every food is healthy, if you are already leading a healthy life, you can try once a while your favorite food without bothering about its health graph. So, cook your favorite food and enjoy it often to keep your palate satiated.  I am sure, most of you would agree with me. So, friends don’t bother about your weight, there are many ways to keep that under check, and enjoy foods that you love once a while. This will satisfy you from within and keep you happy.

10. Write Diary

Write your experience

One of the most important ways to drain out your feelings and frustration, if any! Yes, writing a diary or keeping an account of your daily activities is a great way to weed out negativity from your mind and soul. This works like magic! You will feel lighter, satisfied and happier! All your negative thoughts, worries, and stress will find its way to the paper leaving your brain lighter and ready to accept new challenges. You can start with writing a single page of a paragraph also! Do it! Get the benefits.

Don’t search peace and happiness elsewhere! It’s within you! It’s just a matter of approach! Finding elsewhere in something else is senseless. Right approach towards life and it objective is all that can help you lead a happy life. Every individual is capable of programmed with a source of inspiration, you simply need to identify your strength and ways to find it. Hope, this will help you making your day!

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