In this digital age, more and more organization are getting into a digital interview and conducting online job interviews. Such interviews are beneficial for both – the employers and the candidates. It saves money of the employer as they don’t have to hire an HR team or pay for a job fair and for candidates they do not have to travel to the office for an interview. Given the latest trend, it has become necessary to prepare for your future interview online. As online interviews have become mainstream, here are some sweet, simple, and proven tips for the candidates to nail online interview for employment.

Background Preparation for Online Interview

Preparation is always a must when it comes to interviewing! Your online interview is no less important, better get prepared in advance with right planning!

Make your Workplace Up-to-date

1. Make your Workplace Up-to-date

Of course, your workplace, where you’d be sitting during the interview, must give a right and professional vibe to your interviewers.  It could ideally be your home or home office. Prepare your surrounding area, especially the place that your camera would capture. Take off any unwanted painting, clutter or unnecessary furniture. Keep a writing pad, pen and other necessary things ready to avoid leaving your place while interviewing. Keep your room well lit and noise free. Close all doors and put everything in place to give it a professional and decent look. Keep the noise to a minimum and the other peoples out of the room!

Get your Arsenals Set Up Properly

2. Get your Arsenals Set Up Properly

Yes, place your web camera properly. Make sure it is not dangling, as fumbling camera will cut a sorry figure of yours. Schedule an interview with any of your friends or relatives for practice. It will test your interviewing skills as well as how well you use technologies. It will help you understand if you’re looking professional and your workstation is actually reflecting the right message to the interviewer. You would be able to rectify if something is messing up or not going well. You will improve your online interviewing skills and confidence both to face the real challenge.

Dress up Right

3. Dress up Right

Giving your best shot is always suggested to be successful. Right dressing sense even for an online interview is the best bet. Be in your best professional attire with right shirt, pant, tie, and shoes.  You never know when the camera falls down giving a glimpse of your complete attire. So, be prepared. It will also not bother you about your being half dressed and will not distract you from your interview. If you wear specs make sure it is anti-glare so that it may not reflect on camera. Look at the camera instead of the interviewer as it will be the right eye contact.

Turn off All Distractions

4. Turn off All Distractions

This is very important. Shun away from any distractions. Switch off your phone, doorbell, TV, etc. to concentrate on your online interview. Log out of any program and avoid any noise of pings or messages. Instruct all the people living with you to stay outside the room you are being interviewed. But unexpected thinks may happen anytime. So, get ready with plan B also. If anyone happens to get into your room, you should ask the person to stay outside and seek apology from your interviewers for the same.

Give the Last Minute Touch and Test Your Equipment

5. Give the Last Minute Touch and Test Your Equipment

Do a quick run through the equipment, at least an hour before. It is the last minute check to confirm everything is working well. Do not forget to remember your nonverbal – your body language. This is equally important and it is captured in camera. So, make sure you have a right eye contact – through web camera – and you are visible properly west up on camera.

So, friends facing online video interview is not a great deal if done properly. You simply need to follow every norms and condition that you set for any other face to face interview!

Here are some great takeaways from the rulebook:

  • Consider ample mock practice
  • Do all the preparation beforehand
  • Be professional by all means
  • Dress up the right way
  • Engage with the camera, not with screen
  • Keep a plan B ready if the connection fails.

Give your best shot, following the above tips and you will see that things will fall into place for you! All the very best!

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