In the given scenario of fast pace life and tight deadlines, it is really hard to meet every deadline that you set in your regular routine. You have only 24 hours as we all have, but you need to wind up a large chunk of the task to stay ahead of your competitor and balance your personal and professional liabilities too!

I am sure you might miss very often a few deadlines and events at both professional and personal fronts and it might have frustrated you often resulting in mood swing and several other disorders including some typical medical conditions. No surprise if you learn about an ’18-year-old suffered from heart stroke’ or hypertension. Thanks to our fast lifestyle, for severely sandwiching simplicity of our life between our personal and professional responsibilities!

Can time management play a role in streamlining our derailed lives? Of course, it can help you perform all your liabilities smoothly and can add value and happiness in your lives!

Performance Versus Time Management

Performance Versus Time Management

There is a great interconnection between time management and your performance at any front of your life. It can not only help you manage your workload but can also help you leave your workplace with a winning smile. No whine, frustration, stress or work pressure! You can even spare time for your own relaxation and recreation too.

Tips for Time Management

Practicing some time-tested techniques and thumb rules can lighten your work pressure warding off all ill health and stress.

Time Is Golden

1. Create a Weekly Chart of Projects

It is the first and foremost planning that requires immediate action! You can use technology to develop such chart for you like setting a reminder on your mobile or using Yahoo and Google calendar. Just ensure the tasks are attainable. Don’t overload your schedule with tasks, be reasonable and understand your capacity while developing this schedule. For this, you can prioritize the task.

You must set aside half of the time for unproductive tasks that directly do not complete your task but can push you forward towards your deadlines like thoughts, research, interactions, activities, and planning. Take time off for the planned interruption, which is supposed to come and you know that.

Don’t Multitask

2. Don’t Multitask

Multitaskers are mostly appreciated and considered to be better performers as they are assumed to complete more than one task at a time but the truth is other way around, most of the time. They cannot perform up to the mark or cannot at all perform because in an effort to complete several tasks simultaneously they cannot complete the even single task perfectly. It will enable you to concentrate on one task and take less time to complete. You can get more time for other tasks.

Delegate Responsibilities

2. Don’t Multitask

A few, like me, who are more concern about perfection, are afraid of delegating liabilities to others to lighten their own burden. But the truth is you cannot do everything on your own or you may not be expert and proficient enough to do it all. Be relaxed and take help of others to complete your task. Multiple brains working towards a common goal can yield best results. Yah, I am trying to do so at my own front also! I have witnessed the results. So it is proven! The only thing that you should ensure is depute reliable people, whom you know.

Selection of Right Time

4. Selection of Right Time

This rule needs some balance. You can start your day with complex tasks as in the morning hour mind and body is in their best shape and capacity. You can utilize some time that you would be spending without doing anything productive like waiting for a bus, doctor’s clinic, or a host of others. This can be used for those tasks that do not require you to sit in the office like planning and creating a list for grocery! Or else you can rejuvenate yourself too by listening music or reading a handy book to prepare you for your next fight!

Reward Yourself

5. Reward yourself

Celebrate and reward yourself when you achieve some deadline! It is entirely your personal decision to select the venue and menu!! But of course, you deserve a treat outside with your near and dear ones to pamper and revitalize yourself for next schedule. It will lighten up your burden and refresh your mind for next battle!

Keep your Arsenals ready and Sharpened

6. Keep your Arsenals Ready and Sharpened

Just ensure your tools, devices, equipment, and systems are in place and properly organized. Invest time, money and efforts to keep them sharpened so that it should not deceive you at the nick of time when running after a tight deadline. Or else you can also keep a standby alternative ready for such occasion.

Stay Away from all Distractions

7. Stay Away from all Distractions

I do not wish to call social media and related concepts as a distraction but of course, when you are set to complete the project or are extremely engulfed in your task these can act as distractions. Go offline in facebook, google chat, switch off mobile or any other source of interruption that may break your concentration and drag you back from achieving your target. I do not say every time – only when you are intensely busy and require peace of mind for some specific project. It will save you from getting distracted.


These are a few of the most prominent and proven time management tips that can work wonders if implemented wholeheartedly and more importantly followed religiously. So next time when you find yourself lagging behind your schedule, just refer these tips and I am sure you will surely come back to leave your comment about your experience! I will be waiting! All the best!

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