From my personal experience, I would say that traveling is something that stays on the wish list of every individual, especially international traveling. And honestly, why shouldn’t it? The world is so full of exciting and unusual places to see that it is hard to skip it. Even a short trip to a neighboring country can bring so much contentment and happiness into your life that you will feel your heart skipping a beat every time you hear the term travelling. As a person filled with wanderlust, I love to travel. It brings out so many new experiences and opportunities to me that I do not fathom how I would have been coping up without it. If you are an individual who has finally come across such an opportunity and want to begin your travel journey, then let me help you because I know the scary feeling when it is your first. By covering all the significant aspects of your travel preparation, it is a guarantee that you will feel ready by the end of this precise guide. So, let’s start:

1. The Blue Book:

If you did not get the hint, then the blue book is your passport. As a beginner, you might not be aware, but for an international traveler, his passport is the most treasurable piece of article that he has. Hence, it is essential to keep it safe and sound with you. For those who do not already have one, it is time that you apply for it. The processing of passport applications often take a lot of time, so give it proper time and plan. Do not let any delay in the processing make you change your plans.

2. Research!

You probably have the dream location on your mind. But it is not sufficient to have an idea in your account. Instead, proper planning is necessary. When you pick your dream place, start your research straight. Especially if you can manage some travelling blogs about it, they will add to your insights about the site and let you have a glimpse of the views. You surely do not want to mess up your first time, thus put enough effort into research.

3. Visa and Vaccinations:

Showing up without bookings and reservations is a lot better than not checking whether you have the right visa or not. You must analyze and evaluate the travel and visa requirements for the country that you picked. It is necessary to give these things a check to avoid any issues during your travel.

4. Keep Your Budget in Mind:

Travel itself is an expensive hobby. For the beginners, it is quite challenging to keep a check on their budget. Hence, it is very significant to understand that you do not need to check every exciting place in that country. Instead, spend on those places and experiences that will stay with you life-long. Plan your budget and set a priority list. Once you get to check each one of them off the list, you can spend on some other activities if you think you can extend your budget.

5. Make Use of Travel Credit Cards:

You might not know this already, but there are credit cards that can meet your travel expenses or at least some amount of it. If you do not already have one, then it is time you sign up for it. Have a smoother travel experience with a credit card that can offer at least some coverage on your accommodation and fare expenses. So convenient, right?

6. Plan Your Route:

Once you check out on your passport, visa, and budget elements, you must plan each thing about your route. You surely do not want to waste your time in a new country. Hence, keep a plan prepared as to where you should go on your first, second, and the following days. Accommodate things that you can manage per day only and do not tire yourself out. But having a plan is necessary to ensure that your journey will stay fun. You might be a fan of spontaneity, but trust me, you would not want to stay back at the hotel just because you feel uncertain as to what you should do next. Besides adventure always makes its way through planned situations. Double-check the places you want to see as a place might not be open on the allotted day. Hence, a plan will never let your travel experience sink.

7. Bookings:

While traveling to a new place, especially a new country, you go through multiple booking phases. There are booking packages available for each stage. For starters, you must book a flight to where you want to go. But if you go and pick the first option, you will never be able to analyze the difference in the cost and other additions that each offer has. Then comes the hotel booking. This phase is something that each individual evaluates according to his preferences. For instance, some people like to go with the flow and not make reservations. While others always have a room booked for themselves. I would say, do what fits best for you. Also, there are different accommodation packages of the same place on various sites. Hence, do your homework always. It would be best if you aimed to spend less on these things so you can use spend on other fun activities.

8. Get a travel Insurance:

It is good to fill yourself up with optimism and happiness when you are beginning your travel journey. But that does not, in any way, suggest that you can overlook the possibility of a mishap. No matter how short or long your stay is going to be, it would be best if you got travel insurance for it. Like those flight and accommodation bookings, there are packages on travel insurance as well. Go through the policies and pick the one that offers maximum coverage.

9. Get Going:

The last tip is not a tip. It is a motivation booster for you and a compelling note to end this guide. After you plan and research your first travel experience, it is time that you get going. There is no need at all to delay for unnecessary reasons. Because it is a now or never thing, once you postpone it, you will keep doing so for a long time. The outside world might even look scary to you as a beginner in traveling, but trust me, you are going to have the best time of your life on that one trip. Therefore, please give it a shake and buckle up yourself for an exciting travel journey full of new stories.

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