One of the famous excuses we make when we don’t write is “I don’t have the time” or “I’m too busy”.  Well, the thing is if you don’t write when you don’t have the time, and then you certainly won’t be writing when you do have the time. Saying you don’t have the time is just an excuse to free yourself from the obligation of doing something. Well, at least that’s the case most of the time. If you’re not going to do something now, and then you most likely won’t do it later as well.

No, I’m not saying to write when you don’t feel like it is a piece of cake.

Making Time to Write

Making time to write

The truth is it’s not really about finding the time. Rather it’s more about making time. If finding the time was the rule, and then there would be no way we’d get anything done. Think about it. We have eight hours every work day, but those eight hours is barely enough to get us through our daily tasks, and it’s not by finding the time that we get them done. Rather it’s through making time to finish all of it. So, how do we make time? We do it be setting an intention. What is an intention? This isn’t the small prayers you whisper when you’re inside the church. Rather, an intention is a plan or a passion for doing something. Well, in terms of writing you’re going to need these three things to be successful: where, when, and how many?

Where to Write

Where to Write

Your writing place can be a deciding factor in your writing success. Writing isn’t science. Rather, it’s an art. I can list down all my best techniques in writing, but that won’t help you one bit. Writing styles aren’t universal for all writers, which is why writers become better through experience, and not through a scientific procedure. It’s the same with writing styles as it is with the writing place. Every writer has his own ideal place to write. I have one too. It works perfectly for me, but what works for me may not work for you. So, here are a few notes to help you decide on a writing place.

Deciding on a writing space isn’t just mere guesswork. There is three factors that should be considered when selecting a place for writing: (1) focus (2) space (3) and inspiration.


You need to look for a place where you can focus on writing. Being a writer doesn’t mean having to write things as they pop into your head. Rather, it’s also about expounding on your ideas and putting them on paper. Writing requires you to brainstorm, something that you won’t be able to do if you’re distracted or if you lack the focus. Do you need complete silence when brainstorming? Or do you prefer to be around people when writing? That’s for you to answer.


Do you prefer to write on an organized table? Or do you have more luck thinking up ideas with all your material sprawled all over your desk?


All good write-ups start with one awesome idea. You need to look for a place where most of your ideas just sprout out of nowhere. Experiment on different writing venues.   See if you need to be outside nature for your creative exigencies to burst out, or if you need to surround yourself with blank walls just to get an inspiration.

When to Write

When to Write

This is one of the most important points to ponder on. We can list down thousands of things we intend to do for the year, but none of them would matter if we don’t intend to start it. And in terms of writing, it’s not enough to just start writing. It’s also important to keep on going. Writing isn’t a one-time thing. It has to go on. Therefore, once you decide that you’ll be writing on a Tuesday, you have to make it a habit of writing something every Tuesday.

If you write for a one time and then it wouldn’t matter. Why? Writers get better the more they write. So, if you only write once or just whenever you feel like it, that won’t take you any step further to doubling your writing success. You’ll only get better when you make writing a habit. The time will come when writing will become a routine, and then not having the time to write won’t be an issue any longer.

How Many Words to Write

How Many Words to Write

The answer to this question depends on what you’re writing about. If you’re a blogger who wishes to regularly update a blog, then you can go for an 800-1,000 words per week, but if you’re a fiction writer, then you’ll have to set a specific word count per writing session, depending on the length and genre of the story you intend to write about. Not sure? Well, here’s a tip: a full-length novel falls between 60,000 – 150,000 words. That being said, it’s up to you how you’re going to divide that for each of your writing sessions, considering the date when you intend to have your story finished.

Today is the Best Time to Kick Start your Writing Spree

Today is the Best Time to Create your Intention

Everything starts with an idea. Huge and successful businesses all started with one small idea. All masterpieces started with an idea until it was developed into a work of art.

The idea, as powerful as it is, still needs to be cultivated by your actions so that it will grow to something bigger. We can’t keep on creating ideas all our life. Remember what I said in the beginning of this article? If can’t do it now, and then chances are you won’t be doing it later. So, if you want to increase your writing productivity, better start now.

I’ve shared with you all the things you’ll ever need to get you started with your entire writing adventure. Make as much as you want.

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