This very question is in everyone’s first concern who had ever thought of making blogging a full-time career. You might have gotten some very solid and proven answers too but in this post, I want to share my own experience.

Blogging is actually a passion and much bigger a responsibility than being on a 9 to 5 job! It is actually terrific! But if you want to follow your passion there is nothing that is beyond your approach. As said, if you want something intensely you put all your efforts, resources and dedication to achieve it and then nothing can come your way! This is the only truth in life!

So friends, if you’re sure you can survive without pay for months or even years if you have some financial, moral and social support if you have some assistance at home so that you can spare at least 8-10 hours daily then only venture into this career. Moreover you should also think about if you want to rent or own a blog! Because you would require all these supports immensely jumping into this career.

Things that Motivate in Blogging

1. Being Your Own Boss

Being Your Own Boss

Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? Blogging can give you an opportunity to lead a business. You give salaries not accepting someone’s commands and wait for pay checks every month! This is actually a big confidence booster. I am sure you all are aware of how it feels like being a boss and being an employee. There is nobody you have to answer to! There is no body you’re led by. You lead many! Never forget – uneasy lies the head that wear a crown! As with every freedom there follows some responsibilities.

2. Decide your Own Work Time

Decide your Own Work Time

You get the freedom to decide what time works best for you. You may opt to work till 4 am or even wind up by 5. But it is always good to streamline your work every day as each day has different task priorities.  It is satisfying when you earn and work for yourself and spend time on your business which you invest on the 9-5 job, working for others. You are free to invest quality time and attention to your family when you decide your own schedule of work. You may pick and drop your kids to school, plan a picnic with them, watch a movie at home or visit a nearby theatre!

3. Work from the Comfort of Your Home

Work from the Comfort of Your Home

How about working on your casuals?  Isn’t it comforting and relaxing? This helps you generate more ideas, more creative juices and finally a great business strategy. When you work for yourself there is nothing like the best or perfection. You keep experimenting and experiencing new things and strategies to grow your business. When you work on a relaxed ambiance, you become more productive, focused, alert and creative.

4. Build your Own Community

Build your Own Community

You can create your own community of bloggers, writes or even businesses that you write for. As we at have created a small community of people looking out to promote their business and services to the community members and on my website. You would be in a better situation to help them all by sharing ideas! You can build a great network of people that are willing to invest time and money on your business. This will not only help you but to them too. You can make your presence felt creating accounts in Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more social platforms. This will help create a huge network where you can share your ideas and concepts.

Things that Demoralize in Blogging

Uncertain Revenue Generation

1. Uncertain Revenue Generation

As always with any business, earning from blogging is not easy. It requires a lot of knowledge, experience, techniques, experiments, and planning. I have already shared few tips in my blog Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic and Start Earning. It is all about conducting a thorough research online How to start blogging and the necessary tips to follow. There are many people sharing their views and stories helping you understand what it takes to generate revenue from blogging.

No Instant Income

2. No Instant Income

Blogging is a long-term affair which may stretch to months and often years. If you have this dedication and consistency to keep blogging for a long time without any earning you can be a successful blogger. Commercializing your blog is not easy. You need to learn the technique and tricks that are used in today’s blogosphere like a sponsored post, paid ads, text link ads, affiliate marketing, paid reviews, and much more. All these are ways that can help you earn from your blog but your blog should have decent page views (at least in thousands every day) and domain authority for this which may take months or often years.

You need to be Jack of All Trade

3. You need to be Jack of All Trade

To blog, you must know how to write an enticing post that can be interactive and useful. You must have some knowledge of CMS (content management system) either WordPress or any other platform on which you will create your blog. In addition, you need to know some techniques like online marketing, right communication skills, affiliate marketing and pitching other businesses or bloggers for guest posts. If you have a right mix of all the above-stated skill sets, you are set to go blogging.

Finally blogging is a big concept. If you have the patience to wait for your day, keep struggling long enough, multitasking skill sets, can sustain for months without any instant income and still do not demoralize blogging is your baby.

To summarise it all, I would say start blogging as a part-time passion. To make it big, build a team consisting of a writer, SEO guy, and a Marketer to run it smoothly if you can afford. If you cannot, sadly then you have to jump into this venture full-time as it will require more hours, efforts and commitment than a full-time assignment to make it work. This is your baby, more you nurture and pamper it better it will grow. The best tip to be a blogger is read a lot and adopt new tools and techniques to stay updated and brushing up your skill sets.

Happy blogging!

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