Rohingya issue has already created a surge in the South Asian region for quite some time. This issue has several other aspects also like legal, humanitarian and political aspects apart from being a major crisis in itself.

The displacement of Rohingyas is no more a crisis of Myanmar only but it has also become a major source of concern for the neighboring countries as well. But before we actually indulge into the real crisis of this situation let’s have an insight into the background story of the current scenario of the Rohingya issue.

Who Are Rohingyas?

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority group mainly located in Rakhine, which is a South Western province of Myanmar.

Present Crisis of Rohingya in Myanmar

In fact, Myanmar did not accept Rohingyas as the natives of Myanmar. It recognizes only 135 ethnic groups that exclude Rohingyas thus defining them as “stateless entity” and persona non grata in Myanmar. This has led to mass exodus of the Rohingya people to neighboring countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

Cause of Crisis

The issue of unwanted population was being there since long, the present crisis took a nasty turn just a few months back on 25th August 2017 when there was an altercation between the Myanmar military and the Local Rohingya Group (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) on the 31 places and many army bases in the Rakhine province. Although this situation was considered as the “ethnic cleansing” in Myanmar, it created a tough situation for Rohingyas both inside and outside Myanmar with an uncertain and gloomy future.

India Vs Rohingyas

India Vs Rohingyas

This rift between the Rohingyas and Myanmar military left India with nearly 40,000 unwanted and illegally trespassed Rohingyas. This is raising a big question on the security and other social, political and cultural issues for India. Rohingyas have illegally migrated to Indian and are currently living in the north-eastern and some parts of Jammu and Kashmir making the India Pakistan border corridors more vulnerable to safety issues.

This is the major concern of India and it has been reported that they are involved in many illegal activities and they may be used for the terrorist funded organization to spread their networks, as keeping a vigil on them is impossible, to fulfill their ulterior motives.    

Should India Help Rohingyas?

Should India Help Rohingyas?

I believe, Rohingyas are a major threat to India as India cannot be an asylum to every minority from different countries. We, in India, are already facing huge issues associated with minorities. They are already posing a great pressure on the society and people at large by demanding for reservation and many other amenities. I do not say, they should not deserve such amenities but creating such a mess and a big fuss out of it is actually a threat to those who do not belong to the minority community. What would the general population be left with if half of the opportunities and employment are reserved for minorities?

I feel they must be given right education and good life but not reservations. It will deteriorate the quality of services and dismantle the mainstream economy of the country. They should be offered subsidized education, food, and living but not the reservation. Without right knowledge, no sector can excel in any segment.

Same way Rohingya, if not deported to their native place, one day they will also seek permanent citizenship and quota in every sector of employment and their being Muslims, you cannot rely on their integrity for India. The day they will find themselves in a commanding position, they will start agitating and killing the natives to capture the province and driving the natives outside of their places. This is their strategy to survive and this the Myanmar government has already witnessed, thus they decided to throw them out of their nation.

Alternate Options to Rohingya Crisis

Alternate Options to Rohingya Crisis

Being the largest democracy in the world India should help Rohingyas but in deporting them to their native place and helping Myanmar by funding some socio-economic development projects in the related area so that Rohingyas can live peacefully.

In addition to this, India must create some concrete and strong refugee policy to prevent any future illegal migration of refugees.

India should also keep a strict check and regulate the inflow of migrants to India to avoid any such crisis.

There have always been solutions to the most critical and difficult situations. It’s only to search and find it out and implement it in the most positive and constructive manner.


Playing the right diplomatic card at the right time, India should not miss the opportunity to display its real friendship to its neighboring countries and should surely help its neighbor in creating right atmosphere and opportunities in Myanmar for the government to help Rohingyas to resettle in Myanmar. But it should not make the mistake of accepting them in India, it will surely create a lot of troubles in future for India.

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