Everyone has some dream and goals in life. Don’t you have? Of course, you too! How to pursue it? What challenges would you face? How to overcome it? All these questions would often have baffled you and seeking answer would have left you confused. Seriously! I mean it. Everyone has his own way of perceiving different things in life. But one thing everyone would agree to – self-discipline is the most crucial aspect that is necessary for achieving any goal.

Since centuries we have been taught how self-discipline works in every domain of our life. As per a study, those persons who have self- discipline are happier and more successful than those without it. A person with self – discipline takes a much better decision without any stress and remains cool and calm in the negative situation also. These are some of the ways that can help you develop your self – discipline!


forgive people

Forgive people! Even if you are not sure if they deserve it or not! Being any and resentful for a large amount of time develops stress and guilt burning your energy in a wrong direction. Forgiving is not easy but this is the first step towards self-discipline – to be generous and forgiving. Simply focus towards your goal, learning a lesson from the past. Next time before trusting anyone, think twice. The quality of forgiveness would develop self – discipline habit in negative circumstances also. It will not only help you lead a happiness and selfless life but it will also inspire others to forgive.


Meditation Rejuvenates

As stated in my earlier blogs also, meditation relaxes your mind and soul, which leads to inner happiness. It impacts you entirely developing the habit of self – discipline. It takes just a few minutes like, 10-15 minutes from your daily life and keeps your mind and soul cool and calm. It develops your inner strength, controls anger and triggers self – discipline. Just give it a try and once you will start mastering it, you will start involving into it more seriously.

Setting Practical and Achievable Goals

Setting Practical and Achievable Goals

For achieving anything in life you have to set an active goal. Document a plan – long term and short time. You can also break it down in monthly, weekly and per day plan. Do not forget to write it down. Keep a note of your plan and follow it diligently. This will actually inculcate a habit of self-discipline that renders amazing results. Writing plan is easy but it is often not followed. Please do not go lazy on this. It is only of use when you follow it also.

Adequate Sleep

Sound Sleep

Sleep rejuvenates your body cells giving you refreshing energy. You might have noticed when you take 8 hours of sound sleep you feel relaxed and you’re enthusiastic enough to give your best to your tasks. In addition, you also make correct decisions. Deficiency of sleeping adversely impacts your immune system. It is suggested not to have any fluid of food prior to going to bed. Have meal few hours before going to bed. Sound sleep improves your memory, makes you stress-free, improves your creativity, sharpens your focus, avoids depression and helps you to be disciplined.

Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Exercise acts as a catalyst to self-discipline. It develops a good habit and keeps bad habit at bay. Incorporate few minutes to exercise in your morning routine. It triggers positive thinking in you. It also reduces stress from your mind, gives your body energy, and keeps you fit and energetic. It also reduces your stress, improves your health, and makes you fit and young. Start today and watch out the change.

Organize Yourself

Organize Yourself

To get the power of self-discipline you must keep yourself organized, not only professionally but personally also. Manage your time and work at home and office prudently. Start from the smallest corner of your house. Arrange things there and shift to another corner next day. This habit of organization cannot be inculcated instantly. It may take days of months but the continuous effort will ultimately make it possible. Small organized things will encourage you to do big things. It will finally give your sure results.

Time Management

Time Management

Right time management is one of the most prominent aspects to be successful. To make your life successful you must have strategy + time management. Most often we all start off enthusiastically but after some days we all get exhausted and do not follow the routine and guidelines. Don’t try to give excuses, find out solutions to all the problems and stick to your time management. All these will ultimately help you develop a great passion for self-discipline and once you have gotten this, nothing in this world can keep you from being successful and happy.

Dear friend, in our next blog we are going to talk about the lessons of inspirations / motivation that you can learn from our present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi! So do not forget to check it out! Stay tuned!

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