I do not follow those who engage you with their complicated definition of spirituality and craft few categories to keep different people in different categories. My own instinct says being human is being spiritual.

The problem is today we have even ceased to be human. This is the reason I have to say this. Unless you know the alphabets, how can you conceptualize a story? It is just like that – first you need to become a human being, then think of becoming spiritual.

Just look back to your life and try to recollect have you ever done any wrong to anyone, have you hurt anyone, have you forgiven anyone, have you helped anyone, or have you praised anyone?  I am sure it may take few minutes to recall any such instance. This is how we human being are separated from other creatures! We have compassion, love, forgiveness, affection, mercy, and emotion. Our such qualities gives us an edge over others and power and right to rule the world. The irony is we are using all these faculties for our own benefit, crushing others emotions!

Diminishing Human Values

Human being has devalued its own dignity! I am not sure about the purpose of life of human being on earth but this much I am sure of, if he uses all his resources and traits towards making this world a better place, which is full of love and peace sweeping off all envy, grudges, depression, anger, and evil thoughts, he can become a human being and no one will be deprived of anything on this world.

Growing Spiritual Gurus

Growing Spiritual Gurus

To develop humane traits in people that can live for others is of the essence today. This is the first step towards spirituality. Today Spiritual Gurus clad with plain cloth and grown beard delivering spiritual teaching is not the need of the day! Today we need those people who can teach people the value of forgiveness, respect, love, compassion and how to become a real human being. Long and complicated spiritual discourses can only be of any value when it is delivered to human beings – those who have the qualities of human.

Being human, being compassionate and being forgiving is all that develops spiritual attributes. Why we need spiritual values? For the moral and social upliftment of present society! Poor are sinking and affluents are soaring high! This disparity is broadening every day! This is the cause of mass destruction and things are slipping out of hands! It’s only selfless and passionate human qualities that can play a role in bridging this gap of poor and rich! This is important! Spirituality is all about your own thought process. If you have compassion for others, if you can forgive others, and if you can withstand the invading forces of evil and ill thoughts that are overpowering everyone these days – you are spiritual by all means.

How Spirituality Brings Happiness

How Spirituality Brings Happiness

Being kind hearted, forgiving and affectionate in itself is happiness. Spirituality gives a sense of freedom, aspiration, contentment and modesty that rich person can never dream of. Where spiritually abodes, wealth escapes. It is said saraswati and lakshmi cannot coexist, same applys with spirituality and wealth.

If you are spiritual you cannot be wealthy! It’s up to you to decide which way you have to go! Being spiritual you can live a peaceful, happy, contented and fearless life but cannot accumulate wealth. Because when you give up all kinds of desires you embrace spiritual powers and desires are the stepping stone to amass wealth! How can you be happy – with wealth or with spirituality! It’s entirely your decision!

Are you Spiritual

It is time to identify yourself! You can be spiritual by being simple, loving, selfless and forgiving, or you can be wealthy by fulfilling your desires. Choice is yours! If you are restless, dissatisfied with your life and depressed you must try out being spiritual – not by donating your assets but by being simple, forgiving and selfless. Amassing wealth brings restlessness and being spiritual brings closer to divine peace, happiness and contentment. What is better? Share your views on spirituality!

You can find how spirituality needs to break rules in next blog!

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