Have you ever thought how a lean individual can knock out a giant within minutes? It’s true and it has happened! An impaired person can do the miracles that an able person could not dream of? This too is true – I am talking about blade runner- Oscar Pistorius – a South African runner who is a below-knee amputee. He has only upper half of his both the legs still he created history by winning a number of gold medals in international athletics championships! It is all about the magical power of positive thinking. It really can make you do what you otherwise can never!

It’s one of the most vital and necessary assets that the Almighty has gifted only to human beings! Now it’s entirely your own aptitude and desire if we want to utilize it properly in our lives or not! You have to develop it within you and only you can do it!

What is Positive Thinking

What is Positive Thinking

I believe it is a skill that you can nurture gradually in your entire life. Often many events and occasions discourage or encourage you to practice this attitude in your life. When you are badly broken – emotionally, physically, or socially you must have experienced a sudden surge of anger, emotion and stress erupted within you that made you shed tears or could also do the biggest harm to anyone even to you!

This is the trait that can drive you to life and happiness too if you can channelize it to the right direction by keeping your mind cool and rethinking on what is the right way to start everything afresh! Yes, this is the right approach towards positive thinking. If you can think positive under every odd – remember you can do any miracle!

It’s a way of life!  How enthusiastic you are towards every circumstance that you encounter in your day to day life – decides your positivity towards life. It says, “Get up, accumulate all your energy and get ready to face any situation in your life.”  It gives the courage and motivation to bear the blow of any shock, ill fate and any rough patch of your life. It works as shock observer and again takes you back to the original situation without damaging your attitude offering you comfort at every shock. It prepares you for your next fight of life.

How to Develop Positive Thinking

How to Develop Positive Thinking

Very simple by changing your thought process! The human brain is aptly programmed to change its thought process quickly to adapt to the circumstances. Yes, it is true! Accept change and try to keep your composure especially under difficult circumstance. It will make you strong mentally and emotionally and if you could do this you have taken the initial step towards positive thinking that can transform your life altogether! Just retrospect all your activities and find out what went wrong and accept the wrong wholeheartedly. Have a deep introspection on all those events that went wrong leaving you broken and in shock. You will find out the wrong and can realize what good it could have made if you had taken or done it differently. You will realize your mistake and ensure not to repeat it again. Learn your lessons from your mistakes and promise to move on with new enthusiasm and optimism.

How Optimism Brings Happiness

How Optimism Brings Happiness

Positive thinking is that emotional aptitude that can drive you to better future, enthusiasm and great successes in your life. Human life is gifted only once as you never know what you would be once you go. It is very important to have this ‘one life’ with full of energy, happiness, and positive thoughts. It will not only help you excel in your professional and personal fronts but it will also make you a person who is liked and admired by one and all. I am sure this is what everyone is looking for. Aren’t you?

Practice positivity in your life and make this world a better place to live! Will come with next post “Positive Thinking Techniques”! Till then, try practicing positivity! Good luck!

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