Staying positive takes some effort if you are trying to be one in the present scenario where things are always messing up, everyone is running after money, fame, and power, things are not moving the way expected and your surrounding is really getting difficult to retain the peace of mind!

Sorry, I did not want to scare you developing a sense of negativity into you but to create the magic of positivity, it is imperative to understand the negativity. Where corruption is in the air, things are going out of hand, there is rarely any news confirming anything happening good to mankind and the world, maintaining a positive state of mind is a challenge in itself.

Still, I am sure, there are people, for whom life is good, relationships are soothing and supportive, professional life is contented and prosperous, and they’re pink in health and their inner entourage is appeasing – retaining a positive attitude requires least effort.

But beware, when the weather shifts, we all are put to test our patience and positivity. How can you find your share of happiness and retain your positive vibes under such circumstances?

The real battle that you all face each day is combating negative thoughts that come your way at any point of time without prior permission! Positivity requires effort to nurture it but negativity comes in, effortlessly. You know why?  Because it is easy to go astray, but following the path of faith and trust requires effort and often witness major setbacks!

How to Hold Hands of Positivity?

hold hands of positivity

Do we really need to have it? Yes – it is beneficial! It offers improved quality of life, scribbles more success stories, develops better relationships, and catapults your physical health to name a few. Albeit, the benefits have been written many a time by millions of people – this time it’s ‘How’ to develop this practice?

1. Do What Unwinds You

Do What Unwinds You

It could be listening to music, playing guitar, riding a motorcycle, talking, painting, writing, watching TV, dancing and singing or ever snoozing – of course, it could be! Just do what pleases you – remember it should not displease others! It will keep the energy in you flowing and surge your creative juices and calm your anxiety, which is one of the vital factors that lead to negative thoughts. Take a stall or do some asanas (yoga). Whatever feels good; just get moving, concentrate on any activity that pleases you. It may not help you cut pounds but it will surely cut calories from your negative thoughts, electrifying a sense of contentment and happiness! This is what can inculcate a sense of positivity as it will keep you fit, and healthy body is a great source of positive vibes.

2. Pamper Yourself

Pamper Yourself

Treat yourself with lots of pampering! Get a good massage, pedicure, manicure, facial or head massage. Treat yourself appropriately, show yourself you love yourself – you deserve all happiness.

3. Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Music is soul pampering! It brings you closer to God! It can revitalize your dead cells. Let it move in the air and allow it feel you lighter and off from all negativity and stress. It will turn you on, for sure! Charging yourself is important at least once in a day to retain the zest of enthusiasm and positivity in your life.

4. Romance with Nature

Romance with Nature

Treat the nature – flowers, rains, plants, greenery, and grass – your most dear ones that can never ditch you under any circumstances. This is the greatest truth as we all get merged within its lap one day! The greatest gift and the most soothing proximity that can give you solace when you need it most. We all come from nature, but never get back to it for counseling or finding solace. Now it’s high time to recognize the devastating as well as the rejuvenating power of nature. Make love with fresh air, play music, go for a swim, take a sunbath, bask in the sunshine, pamper flowers and plants of your garden, do what nature ask you to. Believe me, it will leave on your face a sweet smile and you will be happy to cherish all your life the magnificence of these moments when you fell in love with nature. It’s the best comrade for life to you! It will never make you fall, it will never leave you sad, and it will always shower the energy of positivity on you making your life full of joy and positive vibes! I am sure you will fall for it!

5. Express Gratitude

Express Gratitude

Make a list of everything you are gifted with your life. Your life, a complete set of body parts – nothing missing, your company, relatives, your pet, endless sky, aromatic flowers, romantic nature, everything and anything that has made you, what you are! You would be surprised to know how fortunate you are compared to many people who are not as fortunate as you are! It will drive a sense of enthusiasm in you, a sense of energy and positivity that can keep you on your heels!

6. Discover the Laughter

Discover the Laughter

You might have forgotten how to laugh! Find it out! It’s not difficult to discover. Get some humorous books or TV channel to discover what you are missing in your life. Watch funny movies, see a comedian, and hang out with people that can help you laugh. Laughter has been accepted by medical science too as one of the most powerful healing therapy, treating various diseases free of cost. Why not your depression and negativity?

Life is full of battles. You have to prepare yourself to face this battle wearing the power puff armor of positive thinking and faith in yourself.

Remember, you can alter your life by altering your attitude of mind! Think positive you will be the happiest person because you will be as happy as you will make up your mind to be! It is only you who can make your life worthwhile and full of positivity! No one can make it happen for you unless you want it yourself!

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