Platinum is something that creates an aura of love and peace. It can easily be associated with faith, trust, love and simplicity. White in color!  Dazzling and soothing impact, attracting peace and elegance! In my view, nothing can beat color of white. My favorite color that may be very disdainful for some!

I had never thought of any platinum love for me in my life! Have I had any such story in my life, it could be platinum love, for sure! But probably it is out of reach for us, being a middle class family with restricted budget.

I do not have any love story of mine! Even if I would have one, it would have never linked with platinum. But of course for me love is just as bright and appeasing as platinum. Clear, simple, elegant and overwhelming!

Still I wish to tell a story that I often dream of! A big auditorium with huge crowd of people, eager to listen to a great speaker, who was known for his amazing inspirational speeches that he delivers with elegance and great fervor!  Nobody knew what his source of inspiration was, albeit many tried to discover!

Whenever he speaks, everyone flows with his mesmerizing speech and just cannot resist from listening to his last words. He had spent 25 graceful years in writing, editing and documenting several landmark pieces that had graced columns of various online news and media houses.

He had a son, who lived in Australia for the last 14 years, and the writer was all alone fending on his own in India for nearly 20 years without any company. No friend, family members or even colleagues. There was something that kept him going even after being alone in this world. Everyone was surprised and curious to know where he gets the inspiration and zest from to survive and speak so well!

One fine day, when he had to speak before a large crowd, something went wrong and he complaint of ill health and he was immediately admitted to the nearby hospital! That was his last public appearance, after that he could never speak. He went in coma! His condition deteriorated over time! There was no one who could care for him except the doctors and nurses.

It was his reputation and popularity that was visible outside the hospital he was admitted in. People were conducting peace march for the recovery of their beloved speaker, but the fate had stored something else for him.

He died after 6 days of slipping into coma! A will was recovered from his palatial house in which he had donated his entire belongings and properties, to a trust that work for the rights of women and children, but a platinum solitaire ring! He has requested to bury the ring in his grave! It remained a secret why the ring was buried with him?

It was 6 am, when the alarm went off, breaking my dream! I got up late today! Probably I was involved in the dream! The secret behind the ring is still a mystery for me! I could never see that dream again, but I wish I could know whose ring was that!

Probably that platinum ring was the inspiration behind all his stories, and eloquent speeches!

Mamta Sharma

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