When she walks pass silently, cocooned in her thoughts, does anyone pause a second to notice? When her dupatta unknowingly brushes her perfume in the air, does the temperature turns rosy? When she weeps to herself hoping someone would understand, does anyone pay heed?

All this and much more, when you fail to observe; you lose a precious moment of her, with her. So, come follow the photographic trail of these magical stories of womanhood, whispering for your attention. For they say, a beautiful woman stops traffic but a captivating woman makes the world go round…

Visit the photo story of womanhood here: https://spark.adobe.com/page/VPbQT/

Hemang Mehta

Author Bio :

Hemang Mehta |   1 Articles

Hemang is a graduate from Film Studies / Design from Griffith University, Australia. He looks at spaces and objects combining personal stories with documentary form. He is a freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer, living in India, photographing every day since 2006. He can be reached at hemang11.77@gmail.com

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