A man with strong ‘will’ can do miracles! It’s not a lesson to be taught in class but a habit that should be embedded in the tender consciousness of a baby the day it starts understanding the meaning of the words.

It’s a serious issue that we rarely focus on! We can set our goals, our target, the route to achieve success, and strategy to achieve it but how to develop the ‘will’ to do it? Can it be bought or purchased? No!  It’s a habit, a dedication that can be developed by self realization and deep contemplations utilizing various resources. It’s not your disabilities that make you disable but it’s your abilities that make you able!!

Solid Determination

Solid Determination

Strength of determination is the greatest power that can make you achieve the toughest of goal easily. Keep this principal in life – whatever you do, do it to the best of your capacity and strength because success embraces those who are determined to do things on their own without losing heart! You could be an office boy but if you’re dedication and firm to grow, success cannot stay away from you for long! You just need to find ways and your determination will make your task easier by showing you ways!

105 years old Driver’s Strong Determination

105 years old Driver’s Strong Determination

How a 105-year-old driver from New Zealand; obviously the oldest driver; is still behind the wheels? Determination! I am talking about Bob Edwards who is the oldest licensed driver in New Zealand and the oldest in the world. He has been driving for 88 years and still never thought of giving up! Strange but true! Could you think what could have kept him and still keeps him going? Nothing else than a strong will! “In fact, I don’t think I’m old,” Edwards says. “Not really.” This is the magic of will power! It made him what he is!

Blade Runner – Perfect Exemplification of Strong Will Power

A physically challenged athlete creates history by winning various gold medals in Paralympic finals – yes I am talking about the “Blade Runner” alias Oscar Pistorious!  A South African sprint runner – he could do what able-bodied could find tough to! He bagged several gold medals at international races and established his credibility as the most astonishing runners!

Realize Your Strength

If a disable man could do what normal man cannot, you are gifted with both legs! What could be difficult for you! Get up, pull up your socks and develop a rock solid determination! Aim your goal nothing else. Let success welcome you with folded hands. Don’t run after success make excellence and determination your slaves, success will follow! The entire circumstances and eco system will turn in your favor if you determine not to surrender before the hardships that come your way! Your courage and determination are the sharpest arsenals that can help you win all the battles of your life!

Minute Retrospection Pays

Know your strength, your weaknesses! Let your strengths lead you and keep working on your weaknesses. Sky is the limit if you are passionate to fly! Just remember you are here for some specific purpose, it will take you places! You need to identify it, and remember you have only ‘one life time’ not many births to achieve it! Believe in yourself! Don’t doubt your abilities!

A mind full of passion and a heart full of compassion can create obsession for excellence! And this is the compact package of finest human being! Are you?

I am sure it is mere dint of determination and positive thinking that can push you to new heights of excellence and prosperity. Think, plan, aim and strike! Never forget you are the greatest gift of passion, thought-process and discretion found in this world of millions of creatures. It’s only human being who is gifted with all these trails! You can do what you have determined, just ensure you are firm and dedicated towards your goal and never lose grip on your passion and strong will power! Things will twist as you wish! All the best!

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