It is often said and heard that introspection (self-speaking) is one the greatest all-time motivator that remains with you, within you! When you do something against your nature, an inner voice always warns you – “this is wrong, stay back”! There is constant conflict between your inner self-consciousness and your outer self.

Irrespective of your profession, deed, gender, nationality, culture, cast, creed and thought process, your consciousness remains pure, true and rational. It has a strong prowess to judge right as right and wrong as wrong! You cannot ditch it, never! You can hide your thoughts and perceptions of the world, society, your near and dear ones, but never from your inner self. Your consciousness is your greatest lie detector and comrade too! It’s always with you to show you the right path and warn you against going astray; it is entirely your own decision, which way you chose to lead towards.

Self Introspection

How to Self Introspect

Following the right techniques of introspection (knowing yourself) can enable you to improve your self-confidence, lead you towards success and make your life happier!

Sketch a Plan

Sketch a Plan

To begin with, jot down the traits and skills you wish to improve yourself in! It could be communication, personal development, learning swimming, or anything that you wish to work on. This initiative is very important to take the first step towards introspection, because without knowing where to lead how you can start a travel. This list of activities will remind you of your determination and wouldn’t allow you forget your goal.

Spare Time to Sit Quietly

Spare Time to Sit Quietly

From your busy schedule, you need to keep aside few minutes to introspect for the betterment of your future. The best time could be wee hours of the morning! Wake up little early – 15 minutes will do! It will keep you ahead of others by 15 minutes! The first achievement – without introspecting!

Once you manage to wake up 15 minutes early, you have taken the initial step of kickstarting the most beneficial and fruitful journey of your life! Find a peaceful and dimly lit clean, airy, open and clutter-free space to sit straight in padmasana and unleash your entangled thoughts one by one! Relax taking deep breaths; it will help you clear your mind in few seconds. Now it’s time to start collecting those memories from down the memory lane that was not very delightful for you. It could be a scuffle with your peer, conflict with someone close to you, the demise of your close relative or any other event that you still remember with grief and somber. Try to analyze what you could have done to avoid the situation or at least faced the situation. Your self-consciousness will give you the answers what could have been the right move for making the situation better, which you failed to listen at that time. To listen to your consciousness, you require peace, courage, and patience.

This activity will consolidate your power and strength to perform the whole day cores with zest and determination. Trust me; your day will be much better than your earlier ones. Meditation and introspection empower you to combat your negativity and invite positive vibes.

Be Happy and Patient

Be Happy and Patient

Keep yourself busy, focused towards your goals and happy throughout the day! Your 15 minutes of introspection will empower you to be happy and inspired. Let no wrong spoil your mood! Whenever such situation arises, just remember you are the most privileged one to be blessed with so much resource and support that you are living a good life. Think about those, who are less privileged and toiling hard to survive. Looking at less fortunate people will help you overlook your small agonies.

Before retiring to bed, it is time to think about those issues you have jotted in a paper when you started this journey! Once again find a calm place for simmering down your day long stress and activities. The best place could be your bed! This time no need to sit in Padmasana for retrospection. You can do it while lying on your couch! From your early morning meditation, you must have found some patience and determination to face the painful moments. It’s time to regenerate the same strength and start visualizing yourself in a better place and situation. Suppose you wish to improve your personality, you can dream and see yourself as a person with a better demeanor and receiving praises from your peers and family members. It will boost your morale and develop a sense of confidence that you can achieve this goal by constant introspection and practice. Give this activity 15 minutes before falling asleep. You will find a better and more illuminating morning next day!

Again your morning meditation will help you keep you enthusiastic and determined throughout the day. This cycle of introspection will surely lead you to a happier life! Don’t forget to keep the list of skills you wish to improve in yourself in front of you. It will keep reminding you your objective!

Just ensure you follow these steps religiously. I personally feel this is the best way to your introspection can help you lead a better and happier life!  Just one day trial, you’ll find a new you!

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  1. Mam there is no word like ‘Self introspection’, introspection itself means ‘the process of examining your own thoughts or feelings’.

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