Today on an average our education system is focused on creating a future generation with employable skills only across the globe. Most of the countries across the world have drafted an education system that can create well educated, hard-skills driven and academically sound pupils so that such students can get a job or make themselves employed and live their life easily building a career. But is this enough? Are we really heading towards the right way to create the best citizens that can be called civilized ones? I personally do not agree with this concept!

Just having an academically sound background alone cannot make someone a great human being! A human being is a very complex and emotional creature with loads of life/soft skills that need to be polished, without which all academic qualifications are just scrapped.

Every step of our life is filled with challenges and the more demanding situation we need to deal with every day! Is our education system preparing our youth for these challenges? Are we teaching our future generation how to deal with depression, relationships, emotions, and decision making challenges? I never saw in my whole life any education system teaching it in any of the schools. There are many private institutions that are imparting additional and vocations education and skills but that too excludes soft skills and life skills.

Why this Ignorance?

Why this Ignorance

Why does the education system of any country not consider imparting soft and life skills as the part of their curriculum? Probably they feel it is the accountability of society and the parents! But what when the parents have terrible soft skills? The fact is there is no defined guideline that regulates this practice as to who is liable to take this responsibility. The onus lies with the government! Parents and society are equally responsible but the initiation should be taken by the government if they want a better society and better civilization.

Why Soft Skills Required at all?

Why Soft Skills required at all

We prepare our kids to get a job when they complete their education but we forget this is not all! Did we prepare them to face the world, the challenges of their own life? At a personal level, they would have to face myriads of challenges that no one teaches them in their enter life. Why only one candidate is selected from a bunch of candidates that appear in an interview with an equal education background and hard skills. Do you know? The selected one is a better candidate because he is better in life skills and other related skills! It is clear that having a good education does not make a person eligible for a job. He should equally be equipped with the soft skills required to carry out his routine responsibilities. Where would he learn such skills from? Would he learn on his own, from family or from society?

Miles to Go

miles to go

It has already been proved that teaching kids things like self-control, perseverance, critical thinking and other soft skills can improve their academic score, health, and happiness in their life. But teaching such skills is not easy and most importantly very few countries took initiative in this area. From Singapore to China and Britain educators are spending time and efforts to make this happen and doing loads of research work. Again the debate is grit, optimism or open-mindedness which skills matters the most? Every country may have a different point views as per theirbeliefs and traditional history but still, some soft skills must be inculcated in today’s kids to make them personally sound and better decision makers at any level.

In Japan kids from first grade to high school are taught to keep their school and classes clean. They are personally required to take care of their surroundings. This approach creates an equalizing sense amongst who participate. This idea is spreading across to nearby countries as well like, South Korea and Taiwan.

Many US Educators believe it is child labor! Is forcing them to study not a type of compulsion but it is required for their betterment. Why other soft skills cannot be made compulsory to add society and family value to their lives. Teaching them, fundamental life skills are more important than imparting educational skills. Without educational and hard skills a pupil can survive doing any unskilled work but without life skills, he cannot survive in this personal life and without having right sync between body and mind anyone cannot survive in his professional space.

What are those Soft Skills?

What are those Soft Skills

To have a quick overview of those soft skills, you need to wait for our next post which will go online soon!

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  1. To wait for next post to know what are all soft skills. In an android era why such long history post written with hard skill. We expect a short sweet crisp post written with soft skill

    1. Thanx Mahadevan for taking time to write this comment. Often just tips cannot work! You need to be an analytical and critical thinker to be a right decision maker. I just wanted to make people realize the importance of soft skills first! Had I talked about the soft skills here probably it would have gone too long! No worries, in a day or two you will come to know the soft skills as well!

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