Just upgrade yourself to that level of contentment where happiness would find you, you would not need to search for happiness! Surprised? I know!

Happiness can find you – it’s true! You should not find it. How! Because happiness is not a magic wand that can fulfill your dreams once it is waved around you. It is a state of mind that can be attained by cultivating it.

So would you like to know how to activate this magic wand of happiness and start yielding the dividends of happiness month after month, year after year?

Let’s have a short journey to happiness! Are you ready?

Key to Happiness

There are several ways and keys to reach happiness and reap its long-term benefits. Happiness is such a source of energy and optimism that it can add years to your life and enliven your surrounding transforming it full of life and zest.

1. Help Someone Each Day

Help Someone Each Day

When you are self-centered you’re sad, trying to get everything and anything for your comfort. You never look around to those people who are far less fortunate than you. When you expand the horizon of comfort and happiness when you start looking around to make others feel happy and comfortable you feel a lot of satisfaction and enthusiasm to offering more happiness to others. Helping others is satisfying if you can feel it. If you help an old man in carrying a basket full of vegetables to his home you will be blessed with a lot of blessing and there is nothing more valuable than good wishes and blessings. Never ever leave the opportunity to earn blessings. This is the only thing that can help you grow in a real sense in people’s hearts. This is the key to happiness, lifting you in the eyes of others. This is the only thing that is lacking these days. People are extremely self-centered thus experiencing a lot of pain, mistrust, and longing! Just try to help someone and feel the happiness that you will be blessed with the whole day. It is unparallel! Trust me, you would discover the most genuine and simple key to happiness! Your entire perspective of viewing life would shift!

2. Thank Almighty

Thank Almighty

Develop a feeling of gratitude for God who has gifted you with precious life and sent you to the world full of life, beautiful flowers, comforting nature and tall mountains. In addition to thanking the God, you should also thank and express your gratitude for your near and dear ones for being in your life and making your life complete and happy! Even if you are not happy completely but I am sure there are certain things that would be a source of happiness for you like your kids, your mother, father, friends, pet or your career. Just take few minutes off your schedule and express humbly your thankfulness to at least three persons for making your life complete! I am sure you will not find any wrong happening to you that day, even if it happens you would be able to cross past it! Just give this practice a try and then watch the miracle.

3. Meditate


One of the biggest building blocks of all happiness! Meditation has been on our nerves since time immortal. In every culture and civilization, it existed for centuries – somewhere in the form of martial art, somewhere as yoga and exercise and in some countries in the name of therapy. Yes, it is true! Contemplating your thoughts and channelizing it to the right goal can give exponential results. It has been scientifically proved too that meditation can treat several ailments and is promoted and endorsed by several celebrities and great people. Just spare some time for meditation in your daily routine, it will fill your life with peace, composure, and contentment. And all these traits would lead you to happiness.

4. A Healthy Mind Dwells in a Healthy Body

A Healthy Mind Dwells in a Healthy Body

If you are physically not fit how you can feel the spirit of happiness? Rightly said without healthy body no mind can function properly. If you wish to attain some real happiness first spend time on your body in which your mind and happiness dwells. Without cleaning and washing, you cannot perform prayer in your deity’s temple. Treat your body as a temple and your mind as your deity. Unless you clean your body (temple) how you can use your mind (deity)? Do exercises regularly to keep your body and mind fit and the happiness will follow you automatically. For sure!

These are the most prominent and vital aspects that can fetch you happiness throughout your life. It is time-tested and scientifically proved too. So no excuses now, and if you are really eager to find happiness in your life, I am sure which you want, let your life go at its own pace with all the above-said activities, which you should practice in your daily life!

Believe me, these are the keys to happiness and solutions to all your ill fate! Try it today!

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