Yes, it’s true!  There was a time in the history of India when freedom fighter had permeated the inspirational songs and the passion for freedom into the souls of Indian people! People were ready to give up their lives to win freedom! The inspiration was in the air and everywhere that had witnessed the plight of Indian people. After all they were not free to live their lives at their own terms, but are you sure today we are free?

Today also we are not free to listen to our heart! We do what is in our benefits and practical and cannot put us at risk. We are not ready to help each other! We turn back on women being harassed by a pack of goons. We don’t raise voice when we witness something wrong happening in front of us just because we do not want to get involved in others’ affairs! But we forget, their today could be our tomorrow!

Every day we hear several incidences of kidnapping, rape, murder, extortion, scams, corruptions, etc. but turn a deaf ear as if it doesn’t matter to us! We blame our system, government and corruption, but who all these are made of? It’s we who are accepting this impaired system and corruption. We have simply confined ourselves within a safe circle of selfishness that doesn’t allow us to see beyond this line! We don’t have time to think and raise voice against wrong. We have stopped reacting on any incidence! We always keep our doors and windows closed towards any change, any revolution, any corruption and any wrong! Is this the India our martyrs have laid their lives for?

We do not bother when our neighbor countries trespass a big chunk of our land just to claim it their own! We not even raise voice at global platform on this issue of breach of trust. As if it was not our part of land. It’s not an issue of just a piece of land, but it’s a matter of our trust and height of our patience that have been crushed! But we, being a nation of peace and international fraternity, invite all our neighbors to infiltrate and once again snatch our freedom from us? Is it that India, our freedom fighters have dreamt of?

When any one of us raises any query or objection to any wrong, either he is threatened or killed. Why? Just because we are supposed to keep mum and witness every crime, corruption and wrong with open eyes and closed lips. We are dead!! When would we say something? Would that day ever come?

Why we are so insensitive to everyone, to every wrong? Where are we leading towards! Twenty first century?

When Will We Stand Together

When Will We Stand Together

Will we ever be able to live in that country which is free from any fear and corruption? Where everyone would be able to call a spade a spade! How long would terrorists of corruption, crime and dirty politics keep crushing the souls of people? This question should not be put on back burner! This is the most prominent and burning question that should only rest when we could find its answer.

So, please think on it and don’t simply move on reading this post.  Who knows the next victim could be you! Unless we unite together to fight back this corruption and distorted system will keep sacrificing innocent people like us. It’s high time, wake up and act! Don’t be silent. It could be you tomorrow! Just don’t forget, it is we who are responsible for our own fate. Nobody can make you feel demeaned without your consent! Be human, learn to live and die with dignity, not like insects!

On this occasion of August, 15th, let’s take this oath to build a new India not that which politicians promise but that India where there is no criminalization of politics or vice versa, but a new India where people can live like human beings not puppets! We have the discretion and prudence to identify the fine line between surviving and living!

Get, Set and Initiate Change

I am sure you too have a lot to tell, you too have suffered a lot in your life due to this dilapidated system and corruption! If you cannot stand now, you will never! Now is the only time that is in your hand! You cannot change yesterday; you cannot bring tomorrow today! It’s only today that is yours! Make this pious today a new start! Please share your thoughts and keep this drive alive till we win the trust of everyone who wishes to join this drive of changing the system and creating new India! You are the future, let it illuminate like never before! Don’t let our freedom fighters’ sacrifice go in vain! Take inspiration and motivation from their lives and thoughts and initiate the fire of change! Everyone will follow!

Happy Independence Day to all!

Mamta Sharma

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