So you’ve decided you want a new job? Next comes the tricky part. Looking for a new job can sometimes be a disheartening process. There’s a lot of uncertainty involved and there might be a fair amount of rejection to contend with too. When approaching new companies and new managers you may start questioning your knowledge and abilities.

Looking for a new job can be hard. But you need to stay positive. To get the best results you have to approach each new application and interview with top-level enthusiasm and confidence and a sure sense of your worth. Why would a hiring manager believe in you if you don’t?

If you’re struggling with your job search, here are a few tips for staying motivated and confident while looking for a new job.

1. Make Time for Yourself

make time for yourself

Whether you’re looking for work whilst doing a full-time job, or you’ve been out of work for a while, you can’t dedicate every spare minute to your job search. Set up job board alerts so you’re not constantly checking for new opportunities. And make time to do things you enjoy. Go out for a meal, head to the gym or meet up with friends. You could even spend some time getting motivated and inspired by listening to TED talks.

2. Seek Support

Seek Support

Get a trusted friend to read over your CV or application. And practice your interview skills. Ask for feedback from any interviews where you didn’t get the job. Seeking support wherever you can find it will reassure you that you’re doing everything you can to land your next job. And knowing that people think your application is pretty excellent or that they’d hire you in an instant can be a great boost if you feel your confidence waning.

3. Remember the Bigger Picture

Remember the Bigger Picture

Your skills aren’t the only factor when a hiring manager decides you’re not right for a particular job. Internal politics, the personalities of the interviewers and even timing will influence a company’s choice between one candidate and another. Try to remember the bigger picture in the face of rejection and don’t get too bogged down in how it reflects on you and your abilities.

4. Stay Positive

Stay Positive

When an application or an interview doesn’t go to plan, we can start to get down on ourselves. This can lead us into a spiral of negative thoughts which damages our motivation and confidence. As soon as a negative thought comes into your head, try to replace it with a positive one. Practise positive self-talk. Or write a note of praise to yourself and stick it on the fridge or bathroom mirror so you see it every day. Thinking positively will help you come across positively to hiring managers, which can only be a good thing.

5. Think Quality Not Quantity

Think Quality over Quantity

Whatever you do, don’t give into desperation during your job search. Applying to companies or for roles which you can’t get excited about is pointless. Find the organizations that chime with your own ambitions and perspective. Not only will this boost your motivation. It should also improve your chances of getting an interview and a job. Companies are keen to find employees who share their cultural outlook and ethics. Choose fewer, high-quality companies to apply to and you could find your motivation, confidence and success rate improves.

A long job search is no-one’s idea of a good time. But by maintaining your confidence and motivation, you could find yourself in that new job before you know it. Stay positive, make time for yourself and always be selective to find the success and the role you’re looking for.

Audrey Robinson

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Audrey Robinson |   2 Articles

Audrey Robinson is a passionate personal development writer and an administrative assistant writing for a blog. Whenever not working, Audrey might be found listening to motivational speeches on Youtube or picking-up yet another self-improvement book.

4 thoughts on “How to Stay Motivated and Confident While Looking for a New Job

    1. Hi Abhijit,
      It’s all about how you feel about yourself and what you want to leave behind. Any situation or condition can be turned into a whirlpool of motivation if YOU want so!

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      The moral is it is not your job that matters, it’s not your financial, social, or professional situation that matters, what matters is how well you could do it!

      A negative person will find one negative point not to do the job neglecting hundreds of positive points but a motivated person will find only one positive reason to do it neglecting hundreds of negative reasons.

      Friend, it is within you – how to feel about it and how you want to do it!

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