Goals motivate you to improve and grow! Without any goal, you will reach nowhere! Just an aimless life, worthless and without any substance! I am sure you do not want to lead such a life!

If you haven’t set your life goal till date, it’s time to set one today! How easy it is? It could be tough for some, but I am sure there are many who have mastered the art of setting goals because they have already walk passed a few milestones too!

For those who are unaware of the process, let’s have a sneak peek into the strategy to plan your goals in life!

Set your goal

The first step is to decide what you expect from your life or want to do in your life. If you are confused about your desires, you can accept the suggestions of others. There must be something that has often encouraged you and developed interest in you. You can easily set that goal for your life. Just ensure the goal should be reasonable and achievable given your capabilities and other social, emotional, and financial factors. Make sure it is driven by a deadline also.

Be Slow but Steady

Goals may not be necessarily big but the consistency and impulse to achieve it should be high enough. The more passionate you would be towards achieving your goal, earlier you would reach it. Too high a goal may result in changing your goal, which will waste your time and efforts. Start with a small goal and gradually challenge your limits to achieve newer and higher goals. Just remember goals are not always met, there would be setbacks, so starting with a small one will encourage you to set higher goals. You would be able to measure your accomplishments and the hurdles would not knock you down.

Be Specific in Details

Be Specific in Details

Your goal should be very specific and illustrative. You must mention the deadline, days, schedule and resources to achieve that goal. Better to write goals for each day. It may take few minutes of your, but it will worth!  Only setting goal is not all, but it’s the first step, you need to start putting efforts from the day one, in fact immediately to move towards achieving your goals. Suppose you wish to become a software developer, then you should find out the courses that would help you acquire basic and practical knowledge of specific software you wish to excel in. Meanwhile you can also find the right company to join as trainee! These are the initial steps that would lead you towards your goal. Don’t wait for right time to start off. Wasting time means getting away from your goals.

Don’t Doubt your Abilities

It is very easy to slack off due to various reasons. Don’t be lazy and avoid exploiting your capabilities under a veil that you’re not capable. Everyone is capable enough to work towards achieving reasonable and small goals. We just do not want to build confidence in us for doing so. You may set a goal but if you are not confident of your capabilities, it’s worthless. Be confident and sure about your caliber! Never doubt your abilities. You may not succeed in first go but don’t lose heart, try again with better preparation and confidence. Success will surely embrace you one day.

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

Don’t be Afraid of Failure

The biggest hurdle, we all face. Consider failure the stepping stones that would lead you to success. Without failure, you cannot achieve anything. You cannot even learn to stand on your feet. Just ensure you must not commit the same mistake again, and never give up due to failure. Learn some lesson from every failure. It will help you find out those routes that are not meant for success. Your list of successful ways will keep narrowing down, which is the key to your success.

Write your Goals

A well written and descriptive goal is more than merely remembering it. It is evident you are willing and serious about achieving those goals. Before starting your day, don’t forget to read it once. It will be with you and motivate you to achieve your daily goal every day. You may also take help of your computer to jazz it up for you, if you are more comfortable doing so. The basic idea is to keep your goals before your eyes and keep reading it occasionally. Often it has been found, people use to write it down but cannot stick to it and thus they never reach their goals in life. This goal reminder should be a constant practice to keep you going and motivated.

Learn to Like Challenges

We often like what interests us. It is most challenging to like something that is necessary but may or may not be of our interest. You need to develop the liking for big goals, instead of moving around small ones. We like to see small achievements and when time comes to put effort to achieve big goals we get afraid. We get suspicious, if we would be able to achieve it? We doubt our abilities, because we are habitual of liking small attractions. Always learn to think and like big goals by constantly putting efforts and resources to achieve it.

Measure your progress

Review Progress

Once you have set and written your goals, it’s time to review your progress. This will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses, which is quite vital in achieving any goal. Could you do the tasks expected from you? If you did, how easily, proficiently or on time is of the essence. It will enable you restructure your regular schedule and redefine your goals given your strengths and weaknesses. This SWAT analysis is the key to right progression of your activities towards a goal. It will help you take the right path to guaranteed success.

These are some of the most important tips and guidelines that have proven to be successful in setting and achieving goals in your life.  It’s time to set a goal and start following it, if you haven’t done it till now! Without goal, life is worthless! Do you want to lead a worthless life?

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