Blogging has become a hot cake these days. But is it easy to blog and make a living out of it? Given the rapidly changing market and audience preferences, it is actually a challenge to stay competitive and build a name in the blogging space. Attracting audience and retaining their interest on your blog and its topic is actually a big challenge. As I have been blogging for 3 years, I have tried and tested few things that turned out to be successful and worked for me as blogging topics.

To make it short, I would say you should select your blog topic keeping in mind the interest of the people. Here are few things that you must consider when selecting the right topic for your blog if you are planning to start blogging or have plans to add more topics to your blog!

1. It should have the Capacity to Build Large Dedicated Audience

It should Build Large Dedicated Audience

If you can select the topic that can build a large readership you can be successful. It should have the capacity to attract their interest and keep visiting your blog now and then. They should wait for your blog and keep visiting for new updates. There are so many topics people are looking out there to know about. You need to research on the internet to find out those topics that people are looking out for it.

2. It should be Appealing and Interesting

It should be Appealing and Interesting

Writing something that can capture the interest of your audience is the success mantra of your blog. For this, you need to find out what people are interested in. Is it technology, DIY topics, movies or fashion trends? Although the tests keep changing frequently but it will keep rotating within a few topics which you can select to write on. Google and Twitter will help you realize those topics and there are many other tools also that can help you understand what works best in the present scenario.

3. Content should be Unique and Personalized

Content should be Unique and Personalized

I would not say do not read other blogs for taking ideas but reworking or rephrasing their concepts is not the idea and content that can create a buzz. You must put your own view and make it as personalized as you can by adding new angle and inputs of your own. This should be unique and must depict an altogether different story than your competitors or anyone out there online. This is the content that goes viral and can become trendy and content that actually can attract audiences.

4. It should be Engaging, not Boring

It should be Engaging, not Boring

Now comes the most important part of blogging that sets you apart from other bloggers. Your writing skills and story-telling capability! If you can play with the words and know to press the right nerve of your audiences by presenting the trendy topic by making it your own way, you can be a successful blogger. As I believe finding something offbeat that hasn’t been talked about is not possible but giving it altogether unique shape and face is something you can do. And here lies your success. If you could give a new appeal to the same old topic, you can win the heart of your audiences.  For this, you must know how to write engaging content!

5. Think! Will this Topic Engage the Audience in Future also?

Think! Will this Topic Engage the Audience in Future also?

This is the long term approach that will keep your blog going and roaring. So be thoughtful when you choose a topic. Will the selected topic engage your audience for a long time? Will you have sufficient stuff and material on this topic to keep writing in future also? Does this topic has the potential to engage your audience and keep giving them sufficient stuff to stay engaged and hooked up?

Topics that Worked well for Me

Though I have been blogging for 3 years now have written more than 100 blogs for my own site and thousand for others, what I learned from my experience I want to share here about the best blog topics that worked for me!

a) Business Writing Skills

This topic has worked best for me. Probably people are more interested in giving their writing skills a push! I got more than 9000 views on this topic. Though I have posted it a few months back and promoted it the same way as I usually do all other blogs but it received more views than any other topic and still counting. This shows what people are interested in and what will work as your blogging topic.

b) Career Oriented Topic

In today’s era of stress and fast lifestyle earning and career is the most sought after topic that is trending these days. Even after having degrees and education employment remain an issue. It is tough to find jobs for many, especially which can give you satisfaction and security both. People believe happiness lies in being successful in your profession and it can purchase happiness. To an extent, it is true also. So, it could ideally be a great topic to write if you have certain points to put forth on a career. This is visible by the views that my career based blog How to be Successful in your Career received. So, friends, it can be a potential topic to write career tips.

3. Website Tools and Method

This topic too has received a good response which I wrote a couple of days back! As everyone is eager to write a blog and earn money out of it. They are more curious about finding ways to start it and be successful. Having a website or blog is not all that can make it happen.

You also need to take help of many online tools and technologies that can help you on your way to becoming a good blogger. Website performance tools are just great to analyze how your blog/website is performing and what other steps you need to take to keep it running and to its best health. Tools like LoadView developed and marketed by Dotcom-Monitor are very successful and trendy these days and can help you in your journey to a successful blogger.

In addition, there are several other topics that are trending these days which may include fashion blogs, food blogs, and personality development blogs.

These are some of the trendy and in demand topics, which I realized since I started writing and have been watching the trend of the market and preference of our audience which they suggest in my comment section. Just select the right topic and let it work.

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