We all have our own set of fears that often chase us unknowingly all our life! Some are afraid of height, some panic at the sight of snake, some are reluctant to change and a few lead fearful life without knowing their actual cause of fear. They are afraid of every single move!

This is really fatal to live your life under the shadow of fear – that too without actually knowing whether is it really worthwhile! The fearful mindset always holds you back in life stopping you from any progress, happiness and success! Do you want to live such a fearful life?

Of course not! Then how to say goodbye to your fear? The steps are quite simple but thought provoking! I am sure you would be able to understand and try to overcome fear!

Start Counting Down

Count Down

We are anxious, when we imagine we are not comfortable! This is the time to divert your attention and think of something difficult and clumsy that can keep your working brain busy for few seconds! Like start counting down! This will surely help you getting away from your anxiety and fear for some time and once you are out of it, you can get time to come to the problem again and resolve it peacefully.

Control your Imagination

Control Your Imagination

Fears are imagined and formed; there is no existence of fear without your imagination! It is your imagination that thrust you towards such an awkward situation that ingests a sense of fear in you! You need to control your imagination by thinking better thoughts that are more peaceful and satisfying for you! By meditation you can control your imagination! Sit straight on the floor with your concentration on your breathing without thinking any other thing. Try to focus on a distant burning point to enhance your concentration power through meditation.

Never Confront with Your Fear

Never Confront with Your Fear

Denial is not the solution! If you are fearful about anything, accept it and try to manifest least reaction when it comes in front of you. The more you would react, more it would intimidate you! Take it easy. If you are curious and anxious about delivering speech before a crowd, do not say you don’t, accept it and when the situation arises, keep your mind and nerves calm and take time to handle the situation without panicking! The calmer you can keep your mind, better you would be able to handle the situation.

Follow Deep Breathing Technique

Follow Deep Breathing Technique

Breath is the first and foremost aspect that is affected by your fear. When you are afraid you breathe faster and that is the initial sign of triggering anxiety! Try to calm down by taking deep and long breaths and controlling your fear. Take a deep breath and stop. Count five and again take a long deep breath to hold it for 5 seconds! This technique can help you lower your anxiety and fear by diverting your attention and at the same time controlling your breathing frequency thus calming down your fear!

Think Why You’re Afraid

Think Why You’re Afraid

Try to find out the causes that are instrumental in inculcating that fear within you! If you can find the reason behind that fear, possibly you would be able to eliminate those reasons of fear from your mind. It may take some time, but keep reminding yourself that you have to remember the causes and have to put genuine efforts to get rid of it! Just remember if anyone else can get control of his/her fear, you too can!

Fear is fearful but it can often make you stronger and confident to face the adversities of your life! It can make you a better and more capable person if you can follow these techniques for getting rid of your fear!  Fear is a state of mind, not a monster that can conflict any tangible harm to you! You need to change your perception of thinking and you would be able to defeat any kind of fear that may come your way!

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