Depression is a part of life. It is the flip side of motivation. Of course, you cannot avoid being depressed at some stages in your life due to various reasons. Getting plagued by the cloud of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness is a sign you are reeling under depression. It is not about being in a bad mood – this is a condition that prevents you from enjoying your life. You must take control of your depression and try to live your normal life by shifting your thinking, making new friends, increasing social support, enjoying a healthy lifestyle and coping with stress! This is not all! There are many ways that can give you a soothing impact, bringing back the same zest and fervor to your life wiping off the cloud of depression!

Ways to Overcome Depression

Meditation and Yoga

1. Meditation and Exercise

Is it time-consuming given your busy lifestyle? Probably, but do you know these gives a soothing impact on your mind, body, and soul! Even our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is a staunch believer of promoting this concept of Meditation, Yoga, and Exercise. The entire world has realized the importance of yoga and meditation. Are you listening? If not, time is now! Who knows your happiness is waiting beyond this with new opportunities and cause of happiness?  So, friends, pull up your socks and plan out an exercise regime today!

8 Hours of Sound Sleep

2. Enjoy 8 Hours of Sound Sleep

I wish I could – probably this would be your reaction! If you get time to mourn on your being depress why cannot enjoy 8 hours of sleep. I know, it is getting a luxury these days but this is also one of the ways to bring you back from the state of depression. Sleep creates healthy cells and fills your body with new energy to stay alert and happy for rest of the day. A short power nap in the afternoon can also do miracles. So, make it your most cherished comrade!

Proximity of Loved Ones is Soothing

3. Be in the Proximity of Friends, Relatives or Loved Ones

The family is the source of happiness. This is especially true in Indian culture. Your family, friends and loved ones are your true companion and you can fall back on them in your tough time. Trust them and test them. I am sure, they will not disappoint you! It’s a matter of trust! The more you trust them, earlier you overcome depression.

Day Out for Fun and Entertainment

4. Day out for Funny Movie or Shopping Spree

Even if you do not like movies or shopping, it’s time to give these a try! I am sure, by the end of the day, you will fall for it. It rejuvenates your dead cells and brings you back into the tempo of life. You would wonder why you haven’t tried it earlier! It works wonders!

Your Hobbies are Morale Boosters

5. Reinvent your Hobbies

Do you remember what mattered most in your childhood! What excites you then? Reading, listening to music, playing, chatting, gossiping or … sleeping! It could be anything. Go back to basics of your hobbies! Rediscover it all over again. This will recreate your childhood before you dragging you to those days which were full of merry, happiness, thrill and innocence. Innocence is always unsuspicious! You will start walking through your childhood forgetting all depression and mourning!

Good & Inspirational Books are Always Life Savers

6. Devour Good & Inspirational Books

Take inspiration from everywhere you can! It is soothing! It acts as a trigger. There are several good books that can help you overcome your depression like “The Power of Positive Thinking”“The Power of your Subconscious Mind”“Words of Inspiration” etc. These are life changing books. Let it do what they are best at. There is no better source of inspiration than a great inspirational book. Try it once!  You will never be depressed in life!


Compliment and Pamper yourself

7. Compliment and Pamper Yourself

We often forget to compliment ourselves! It’s always others achievements that matter for us! It’s time to pamper and compliment yourself. You deserve it! It will calm your depression and boost your morale by letting you know what you worth. You’re worth it!

Healthy Diet is Soul Satisfying

8. Take Mood-boosting Healthy Diet

Yes, there are several foods that can boost your mood if you are down in the dumps. After all, we all love food but what foods are mood boosters?  Let’s understand this. These foods could ideally be chocolate, carbs, fruits and vegetables, fish (you may have other options if you are vegetarian), saffron, tea, coconut etc. Are you surprised? Try it out!

So, is there something that I slipped mentioning? Of course yes! Because the list is endless, which shows ways to embrace life is more important than surrendering before depression! Your life is precious! Not only for you but to everyone you know! Who knows if you get another chance to live! So, live life as if this is your first and last chance and stay away from depression, putting every possible effort!

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