Making notes is one of the most useful skills for a student. Notes help to get the hang of materials easier, not to miss important details, to the scheme, etc. However, one should take making notes seriously just like any other thing. Some people think it has no point to make notes, some find it simply difficult. Notes are neither good nor bad, they are useful.

1. Cornell method

Cornell Notes

It is one of the most effective ways to make notes. All you need is to divide a sheet of paper into two parts, the right one has to be bigger, the left one – smaller. The smaller part is to be used for writing down theses. The right part is for the notes and additions. The advantage of this method is that you are going to have a lot of information to analyze.

2. Group notes

Take group notes

It does not hurt to make notes with friends. Moreover, you may feel free to do it both, on paper and by means of services like Evernote. Two heads are better than one anyway. You might get distracted and miss something important while having a few sources of notes, you are going to be prepared more.

3. Try to collect as much information as possible

Collect information

Not in every instance, you can memorize and then restore in your memory everything your lecturer says. Which is why it is necessary to learn to catch and write down as many details as possible. To make a tape recording is an excellent way out but make sure first that your lecturer does not mind.

4. Divide a class into pieces

Divide a class into pieces

Far from everything you hear at the lecture is required to be written down. Therefore, before writing down, think it over whether you need it. Re-read your notes and re-write them for better consolidation of knowledge throwing unnecessary things away. Doing so, you will absorb the knowledge better and your notes might become useful for someone else too.

5. Attend classes

Attend classes

This piece of an advice is obvious but useful for many. You are going to be unable to make notes if you are absent. Yes, you may learn something using other people notes but it is not guaranteed that you will know all the ins and outs. The benefit is also in that you will be able to ask your lecturer exercising issues. Facing with the information you do not understand, do not say to yourself that you will solve this problem later and move on after a few short notes. Ask your lecturer to clear it up for you. Think about it, if you cannot get it now, it is going to be double difficult later when you will try to do it on your own. Do not be afraid to ask your lecturer to repeat especially if there is a feeling that s/he said something important. Hence, do not skip classes.

6. Use colors

Use colors

But I am a guy! I am not a girl to walk around with markers, some may say. Why not? Color marking will make it to where you will cope with your own notes better. Tags of sorts but on paper and do not fill your head with rubbish questions like “what others might think of me?” No one will say a word of you. You do not have to depend on other people opinion. Remember that. A color stimulates creative zone of brains making notes more interesting thus, easier to memorize and keep in mind. For example, you can make questions in red, definitions in blue, conclusions in green. Do not overdo it though.

Making notes may become a powerful tool in your process of studying. It is a great way to collect, sort out and systematize received knowledge. You will make your life easier making tones. Let alone people who are going to study when you graduate.

Listen carefully, keep it focused. Prepare a separate sheet of paper or stickers for references (if you want), put down serial numbers of your notes on both sides so you knew which statement goes where.

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