It hurts! So badly that it can even crack your confidence and desire to live anymore! But this is destiny, which is not in your hands.

The first and foremost thing that you should think of is to treat each of your near and dear ones in a way that it should pain less, when they are not around. Treat them with utmost love, affection and dignity to avoid any repentance when they are not around! This conduct of yours will allow you to overcome the depression and grief easily and quickly!

Even after showing all affection and care for your dear ones, one day they leave, leaving you in deep grief and somber. Dealing with this loss, is in fact a long and slow process.

Time is the Biggest Healer

It’s said “time heals all wounds” but in really, it can never take away the memories and pain that occasionally erupts throughout the life. Don’t expect your wounds would be healed completely with time. But it can lessen the pain, and give you opportunity to live your life afresh with new goals and new people.

Don’t Hide Your Emotions

It can be fatal at times! Let the emotions, grief, and pain be drained out of the mind and body! It is necessary. Holding it back within you may lead to severe health and mental issues. Cry, shout and scream to relieve yourself from the distress and pain that you feel from the news of death of someone close to you! It may take long – couple of days, week, or even months to lessen your pain of the loss, but this is required. Get out of the state of shock and disbelieve that it has happened. There is no other solution to such incidents but to accept the cycle of life and destiny. The early you accept it, better it would be for you and your surrounding people.

Get Support of Relatives and Family Members

At this juncture support of your relatives, family members and friends is crucial, it can help you regain your consciousness and overcome this painful time of your life. Talk with them; get their emotional, physical and social support to handle this situation. Speak out your heart; and all your frustration, grief and depression that you might be facing on this occasion. Support of near and dear ones often play miraculous role in getting back life into track; or else it may be very difficult to get out of this situation.

Don’t Distract Your Mind from the Truth

Avoiding this loss or ignoring this fact is not the solution! Don’t escape from the truth that you have lost someone near to you. Keeping yourself in dark or the state of disbelieve, cannot help ever in handling this painful situation. The early you accept it, better it is. It will give you immense pain, distrust, frustration and grief, but you have to undergo this situation. This is the hard fact of life. Living in your own world of disbelief may often become fatal for you, leading to acute mental and physical disability. It’s better to accept it; and mourn on this death for few days to lead a peaceful and easy life for remaining days of your life. Someone’s death cannot stop lives from moving. It may bring many lives to a halt; but after some time things will move on. Things may not be same for you ever, but accepting this truth will give you the confidence that this is the way of life and this has to be accepted. People come to go, you cannot hold them back. You can only help them to lead a happy, cheerful and lively life, but you cannot stop them from going!  This is the greatest truth of life.

Take Care of Yourself

Now you need to live the dreams of that person who passed away. You should shoulder the responsibilities left back and follow the principle of him/her for rest of your life to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Recall the dreams and ideologies for which the person lived whole life, and try to follow and fulfill his/her dream. You will find a new wave of energy and confidence to live your life with some motive.

Meditate and Do Yoga

Yes, these two also helps at every odd. Be it a great pain or a short distress, meditation and yoga gives immense confidence and spiritual strength to deal with any situation. It will also help you out in handling the pain and loss that you have incurred by death of someone close to you. Throw yourself into the hands of meditation and yoga and feel the relaxation and soothing impact it can bring in your life.

These are a few tips that can help you get out of the pain and grief that that arises on the loss of your near and dear one! Try it out and these will provide you with ample strength and confidence to face the life with new aspect and simplify your life!

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