Couples fight and often split for different reasons. Most time the split is in the heat of the moment, some minor yet prolonged conflict, and often on small matters where ego is involved. Often a partner feels neglected and sidetracked for a long time without being noticed by the other partner. It may lead to losing interest and love in a couple.

If you have split up and want to get back your love, here are some tips that you can learn to reconcile with the situation and win back your soul mate.

1. Give Some Time

Give Some Time

The best way to rekindle the lost love is giving it space. Give space to your partner. You too need some time to improve your confidence and think deeply what you want. Do not jump into the relationship, chances are you’ll repeat the same mistake of losing your partner. How long is good to decide? It depends on how long have you been together and what made you split. Take as much time as you think you require.

Stop being on social media and spying on your partner! It’s a waste of time. It will make you feel more depressed and worse.

2. Don’t Reply Phone Calls

Don’t Reply Phone Calls

If your partner calls you, better to avoid. Because in a rage of anger or depression you may reply wrong! Instead of speaking ill or bad, better not to speak. Once you are out of your rage and regained the cool, call and explain your engagement. Listen to him. It will give time to both of you what went wrong and whether you both are ready to reconcile.

3. Keep Yourself Busy

Keep Yourself Busy

As an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, keep yourself busy. Don’t sit alone and repent on what went wrong. There are many other important assignments waiting for you! Define your priority and act. If career, kids or your own self-esteem are your priorities, work towards it.

It will take you out of your depression! Work on your hobbies, be in the company of your loved ones and make merry. It is tough but this is how life is! Update your social profiles with nice and motivational quotes like enjoying life, wonderful time with friends etc. You will feel good.

4. Stop Begging

Stop Begging

Don’t beg your missing. It will only give your partner the fodder that measures your degree of pain and agony you are going through. If you are wrong in any way, do not hesitate to apologize but not without any reason and every time only you. The mistake could be either of you, not always yours. Sometimes you’re taken for granted for what you do and what you are. Let it not happen. You too need love, respect,  and mercy. Learn to understand each one of us is complete in our own self.

Things can become little better and simpler with a partner but finally, you have to go alone from this world. Why feel sad and long for someone that was not yours? Never compromise self-respect. If your partner does not respect you, he does not deserve you.

5. Be Smart and Get a New Look

Be Smart and Get a New Look

Bring some changes in you. Change your looks and update in your social media profiles. Let the life go easy! It is tough, not impossible. Live your life, you alone can be the sun of your world. You would have many more ways to be happy. If your partner is really looking forward to associating, welcome him, not at the cost of your self-respect. Let him know what he/she lost.

6. Be Cool

Be Cool

If you happen to stumble upon him/her, behave calmly as you meet others. Let him/her know without him/her also you are complete and happy. This is the biggest fact of life. Each one of us has come to the world alone and will leave so. Why make a fuss of these small things? Talk to him rarely and make yourself busy with your work. Your coolness will make him realize his place in your life. This is what each one of us needs to understand – our places in others and in our own eyes.

7. Listen


You should also listen if your partner has to say something. The point of views of both of you is necessary to be heard. Sit back and listen and try to find out if your partner is expecting something you cannot give. If yes, step back. The partnership should be mutual and equal. If it is, great if not, don’t bother.

Do not criticize your partner and do not even allow them to criticize you. Bonds are built on the same level of partnership. An imbalanced partnership cannot last for long. If you try to keep its balance you will be badly hurt.

8. Come up with Solid Bond and Plans Together

Come up with Solid Bond and Plans Together

If things have worked out, better to come up with concrete plans for your future but in the right proportion. Try to find out what commitments you can make and what your partner and share your feelings about your relationship and also what you could both do to move forward. If you have any grudges or want some changes in your life and bond, this is the time to voice it. Don’t promise what you cannot give or do and let your partner also come up with his part of do’s and don’ts.

9. Know when to Move on

Know when to Move on

Know when to stop! If there is something which is not working out it’s time to walk away. There is no point of wasting your time and energy on something/someone that is not willing to come back. You can only open the door. If both of you agrees to stay together good, but do not cling to him/her. You can say “I miss you and want you back. If you want to get back, you know where to find me.” Now leave it to destiny if you both reconcile with the situation! If you could good, if not walk away!   

You cannot make everyone happy! No one is perfect! If you could be happy with your partner nothing better! If you cannot, nothing much is expected to change/ Better to lead a cheerful and happy life. Learn to get out of your failures – be it on your personal or professional fronts. The more you are willing to face it, stronger your personality will become. Do not react on extreme conditions and do not be jubilant on happiest moments! Life will be simple for you! Don’t morn for your lose, be happy with what you still have!

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