The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.’ These words of Norman Cousins say death is not the greatest loss in life. And so I believe. The biggest loss in our life is the death of our dreams, desires, thoughts and thus our uniqueness while we are alive.

Remember, God has made his each child with same love. Yet, gifted everyone with a unique quality which distinguishes us from one another. As God has blessed us with our uniqueness, and letting it die inside us won’t be fair enough to us as well as him. Right? So, guys here are some easy yet effective ways through which you can empower yourself for a Unique you.

1. Define your Uniqueness:

Define your Uniqueness

The first and foremost thing you should do is defining your uniqueness. You should realize your life’s vision. And the first step to realize your life’s vision is defining it. Every one of us has been sent to Earth with a specific motive. Just, search the reason for your existence and you are half there. For this, you don’t need to search around the whole world but inside yourself. You have got what you are here for. So, stop wandering around, and simply sit at a place and discover the Real You.

2. Believe in Yourself:

Believe in Yourself

Defining only won’t be enough to empower yourself. You should believe in yourself more than others do. Remember, if you won’t believe in your uniqueness no one else ever will. Believe in what you have got. It defines you. It is God’s powers which he has released for you. And for this, repeat these dynamic words few times a day, If God is with us, who can be against us?” or “I can do anything I choose. And few more encouraging words like the above mentioned. This will not only increase your self-esteem but helps you to fight against the dominating forces. It will keep you want you are.

3. A Stable Mind is the Happiest One:

A Stable Mind is the Happiest One

The first step towards a happy life is by being satisfied with your own work. Satisfaction is what we need for a happy living. Yelling for what you don’t have and ignoring what you have will never lead you towards your destination, a stable life. And remember, no one is perfect. Being perfect is a myth. So, instead of running behind it, just try to become happy with your progress and yourself. Appreciate yourself. Self-appreciation helps build self-esteem.

4. Focus on the Worthy:

Focus on the Worthy

As management guru, Peter Drucker says, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. You can’t value yourself if you don’t value your time. As the proverb says, “Time is money.” We all have the same allotment of twenty-four hours in a day. What separates the people who achieve something offbeat and distinct from the also-rans is how they use these hours. There is nothing that comes easily. You can’t sit back and wait for your day to come. You have to utilize prudently every single second and work towards your goal. Commit to manage time effectively. Focusing on the aim of your life will make you a better you.

5. Add Positivity, Subtract Negativity:

Add Positivity, Subtract Negativity

When things aren’t adding in your life, start subtracting. Some people may call you arrogant but just ignore them. Remember, what consumes your mind, controls your life. If you always surround yourself with a bunch of negative peoples you can never lead towards achieving a positive life. Negativity only destroys things. So, for filling your mind with positive and nourishing thoughts you have to be with people who are filled with positive vibes. You yourself will find the difference and will become happier and more energetic than before.

6. A Step is a Step:

A Step is a Step

Success and failures are parts of life. Remembers every failure teaches you a lesson. It brings you a step closer to your destination. So, never get afraid of taking risks. Never back out from your responsibilities. Don’t care about what the world is going to say on your failure. Instead think, what you will answer to yourself if you will let go this opportunity. Remember, every chance you grab will help you to level up your confidence. A confident person is the smartest and happiest one. Moreover, No one in the world can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

7. Keep Calm, Stay Cool:

Keep Calm, Stay Cool

Aristotle taught once, “Anyone can become angry—that’s easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not easy. The problem with losing your temper on a daily basis is that it becomes a habit. And a habit speaks your personality and perception towards life. We become what we think and speak. Our words define us. In anger, we even speak such things we never want to. Therefore, the one who gets most affected by anger is not others but ourselves. Instead of staying calm is the greatest remedy when you are angry. It will give you time to think and take the right step. So, you decide what you want to be – a cool or a fool?

8. Develop Some Good Practices:

Develop Some Good Practices

Every successful person or every happy individual in this world practice some good habits to maintain stability in their lives. You can achieve a state of peace in your life by practicing few of these habits in your life. Some of which includes: Get Up Early, See Your Troubles As Blessings, Learn To Be Silent, Talk To Yourself, Keep A Journal, Connect With Nature, Listen To Music Daily and much more. Just do whatever keeps your mind fresh and makes you happy. Remember, you have got this life for a special purpose with a unique blessing which is only residing in you on this planet. So, what are you waiting for, start exploring yourself to find the Unique you and let people meet their upcoming Superstar!

And last I just want to say that, guys always try to play the lead character of your movie because supporting roles are rarely remembered.

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