Controlling mind is what we all long for! Is it possible? Of course, it is! If you believe YOU CAN! I CAN approach is the most revolutionary and the most powerful emotion of every human being! Every successful person is driven by the belief of taming mind to achieve something offbeat. Without controlling your mind you cannot concentrate on your goal. Controlling mind is an art that is acquired practicing some simple tips, though known but less practiced.

The mind is a major part of our body where nobody can manipulate or change any thought but you. You are the king of your mind and unless you want it to be disturbed, there is no way, the mind can get uncontrolled. As rightly put by Aristotle “The Energy of the mind is the essence of the life”. In a mobile lifestyle of being productive, attentive, energetic, and engaging, somewhere down-the-line, our mind quests for calmness. There is a constant know-how which is trapping our mind. Many a time, despite being hard working and honest, you do not get the outcome you deserve. Is it your fault? Is it your colleagues who do not understand you? Or is it your uncontrolled mind that is not letting you concentrate and running wild with numerous thoughts? Well, it is high time you cut short your thoughts if they are ruling you. You should rule your thoughts and don’t let your thoughts rule you.

Take time off for yourself and see how to control your mind. The best way is to meditate. Hold on!! How to meditate when there are so many things in your mind? Firstly, you need to curtail those irrelevant uncontrolled emotions, thoughts that keep pouring in. So here it is what you can do!

1. Understand What Thoughts Bother You The Most and Act

Understand What Thoughts Bother You The Most and Act

Recognize the list of anxiety your mind goes through. It could be as petty as a list for your grocery shopping to being anxious about the health of your loved ones. Some concerns make you happy, energetic, and active and others may turn you pale and restless, angry or sad. This, in turn, will only have a negative impact on your body and behavior. Thus, to bring in the peace of mind, to increase your sense of calmness and happiness, you must first rule your mind. Be positive. Change your thought pattern, answer your wiggly thoughts so that your mind is at ease and support it with a positive demeanor.

2. Be Positive and Content

Be Positive and Content

Seeing the glass half full is a mighty aspect. Science says that the human brain is adaptable. So train your genius mind to be affirmative always. A fine line of difference lies between want and need. Separate your need from want. Wear the perfume of contentedness. Materialistic things are endless, no matter how much or how many you have, and there is no end to it. Greed, dislike, and delusion are the three transgressions behind contravening mindset. The gluttony to have more and more never suffices. Learn to be content if you want to be happy. Instead learn to love yourself, your loved ones. No sooner did you state feeling contented, your mind automatically learns to abate desires.

3. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

In a bizarre life of today, healthy lifestyle has been a myth. Amongst the mad rush of meeting the deadlines, relationship challenges, and diminishing family values being healthy and wise can be challenging but not impossible. Eating healthy, having good sleep all are not enough; nourishment to your mind is also needed. Because only then you will have a balanced life. Have a nutritious meal, skip a morsel instead of having one extra, go out for a walk, and get a good amount of Vitamin D. The sunshine showers positivity and helps control your brain. Sleep well. Get those 8 hours of sound sleep to relax your mind and body. If your body is not relaxed, your mind too will remain uncontrolled and vice-versa. Go that extra mile to change yourself.  Be confident that you have the ability to take control of your mind. For instance, you have been saving money for a holiday and on your way home you find apparel which you think should fit your wardrobe, this dilemma of not spending that saved amount over this apparel, is a decision you have to make by taming your mind. These small transformations of practicing self-control to avoid desirable things are commendable and do help you achieve your goal of taming your mind. You have earned a brownie point for yourself.

4. Write and Forget

Write and Forget

Our mind has uncontrolled thoughts and feelings as it thinks it has nobody to talk to. Give the importance it deserves. Write down your feelings, anxiety, fear in your diary and forget it. No sooner your thoughts are poured in and shared, the feeling of wilderness vanishes. Your mind is relaxed. Give daily a suitable time to your mind and be relaxed. This is connecting with your mind, a realization that your thoughts are just your mental state. Listen and acknowledge it.

5. Be A Child

Discover the Child in You

Look at a child, a carefree life, nothing to bother about. Selfless and full of ecstasy! Children give message – message to liberate you from all shackles of liability, wildered thoughts, and anxiety. While meditating or concentrating, your brain starts wandering more. Try to focus on a thing that you enjoy the most. Listen to your favorite song and dance…do not let any thoughts pour in, just like a child who is not bothered about the steps but his moves. Wear a smile always; this will let you know that all is well and hearty in life. Have fun and frolic time with your loved ones, this will remove gloomy thoughts from your mind, making it easier to control your mind. Pessimism creates an obstacle in controlling your mind and it needs to be fixed. Hence go ahead and be a child who knows nothing but happiness, selflessness and pessimistic approach. You will soon realize your stress busters are in front of you.

6. Meditation And Its Merits

Meditation And Its Merits

Mind introduces you to other components of the body. Mind enables to think and feel and reason out. Meditation, a faculty of transforming the mind to concentrate and attain purity of mind and body, has its merits. Getting into a regular meditation habit, you start knowing your mind better. This requires a lot of patience, regularity, and perseverance through. A focused state of mind brings a lot of positive energy within the body and mind giving a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation wants you to concentrate on your mind completely, which is why you are asked to concentrate your focus on your breathe. So how do you do so?? There are few types of meditation you could practice. To begin with, the method of Mindfulness of Breathing’ a technique where instead of an object, it is your breath that you concentrate on. This works as a corrective measure towards the feeling of restlessness and anxiety. It is a state of being fit and positive which controls your mind.

Transcendental Meditation,  is chanting a mantra or concentration on a sound. It is a method for relaxation and works best to distress oneself. It gives inner calmness and a state of being least excited in a busy world of today.

An experience of physical, emotional and spiritual righteousness is attained from Heart Rhythm Meditation. This style concentrates on conscious breathing. It’s a watchful effort to bring your breath to the rhythm. On the basis of counting on inhalation and exhalation, a pattern is drawn to bring you to a joyous spirit.

Zazen is a seated meditation. It is only after your back is completely straight and centered; the breathing element of Zazen is practiced.

You do not have to attend sessions though if you are too busy with your work schedule. Mediation can simply be performed at home or your desired place where you are most comfortable. Close your eyes, ears and go numb sitting with your back straight and hands in a mudra position, preferably in a silent room. Make sure you are away from the outside noise. To begin with, you may start chanting, put a light soft music so as to gather your mind to it. Start observing your breath, cut your thoughts, and go within yourself. It is not a day’s process, but with patience and drive to do so, you will succeed in meditating. Keep extending the stretch of time for better results.

Ultimately nothing is impossible in this world if you put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude. Your mind is yours, as rightfully quoted by Buddha “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. To enjoy good health, to bring happiness and peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.”

Friends, it’s time to give time for yourself! After all, it’s you who is going to change the world, which cannot be done with a fearful and pale heart and brain. Do you think you have a healthy mind under your control? If not, try it today!

NOTE: This is a special post on the suggestion of Mr. Vineet Pandey who is a genetic traveler and runs a blog “The Leisure Insights”. Thanks Vineet for inspiring me to write this post!

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  1. I absolutely love this! 😀 I would love a guest post on my blog or vice versa. This was phenomenal!

    I find that controlling my mind from going rampant really has to do with being present – not just being in presence, but realizing that my past does not exists but only in my mind. Therefore, when I go rampant on the past, feeling guilt or shame or sadness, I have to allow myself to remember that ONLY I am continuing that tape recorder!

    Thank you so much! <3

  2. Nice post. I do pranayam regularly and sometimes meditate too. I am unable to wriggle enough time to both exercise and meditate. Of late I noticed that many health problems also arise if you are not mentally relaxed. Now I will try to meditate regularly. Thanks for the tips.

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