This question must have bothered you all very often. The answer is within you! Just introspect about your life and try to find out when you have laughed wholeheartedly! Probably you may not recall even! I know a few are very rich in having this treasure of happiness but is that a real happiness?

Happiness can be attained focusing on four major traits of our personality – patience, meditation, audacity and optimistic approach – as I talked about in my earlier post “What is Happiness”!

It’s all about your own perspective! Yes, you can choose how much happiness you want to have in your life! No kidding, it’s true!

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be – Abraham Lincoln

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be – Abraham Lincoln

Truly said, being happy is in your own hands! If you can obtain name, money, and relationships – why not happiness? How did you attain whatever status you enjoy in the society – by sheer dint of hard work, dedication, perseverance and positive attitude! The Same rule applies for happiness. If you have the positivity and passion to acquire it – you can!

It’s just a matter of thought process. How positive and enthusiastic you could be towards your future and life. How well you can plan your life and schedule is the key to your everyday happiness. Trust me – it’s worthless to search for happiness elsewhere, it is under your feet. You need to wash off and remove the dirt from your mindset to see through it.

In fact, it is as close to you as your heart, but you need to have those optimistic eyes to see it. Just strive hard to activate those set of eyes that can enable you to fathom the depth of happiness that you are missing in your everyday life! Your near and dear ones, friends, profession, achievements and the evergreen Mother Nature – all are the factors that are the greatest source of happiness in your life.

It’s not your fate that has made you what you are, but it’s your own perspective and desire that has made you whatever you are today! We blame it on fate and curse our destiny! Stop it! Is it really your destiny that has dragged you to hell or lifted you to paradise?  NO!  It’s your own through a process of yesterday that has crafted your today and will also influence your tomorrow if you cannot change it today!

Don’t Blame God or Destiny

Don’t Blame God or Destiny

Are you ready to spoil your tomorrow too by whining on your fate in a hope that someday God will help you lead a better life? Never – because God helps those who help themselves! If you are not firm to get up and toil for a better tomorrow, God will also leave you! He is with you, at every stage just to ensure you are on the right path. If you will not fight for your better future, who else can help you!

Just remember happiness comes with perseverance and intense desire to possess it. Unless you are obsessed to have it you wouldn’t. And these natural thumb rules apply on achieving each and everything in your life – be it popularity, health, money, or power.

To open the doors of happiness you need the desire to win, the impulse to succeed and the passion to graduate to your full potential. Trust me; there is no other way to happiness! The more you desire the more you get, but your desire should be packed with immense passion, fervor and deep urge to have it!

Do you know why you failed?

Do you know why you failed?

There are many, in fact nearly all, who must have tasted failure in their lives. Should they surrender before their destiny and cease to be happy? No. They mustn’t! You should cheer your failure by taking an oath – the next battle is ahead!

Many people could never realize how close they were to their goals when they stopped chasing. In fact, life would be dull and monotonous without difficulties! If you never face any trouble in life how would you make merry on your success? If life is full of achievements and successes can you really enjoy it? Just think, I am sure your answer would be no! A big NO! It’s only obstructions and troubles that help you learn from your mistakes and face the challenges with a fresh mindset, strategy, and audacity. It is only difficulties that make your future better because they provide you with the potential and strength to combat with adversities. Actually enjoying happiness without difficulties is just like eating cake without cream.

It’s your patience that keeps you committed towards your goal and helps you stay firm to achieve happiness. Happiness lies in small things! Don’t ever wait for a big day of achievement! That will gradually come your way if you know how to wait and enjoy the small happiness of everyday life. Small happiness is the building block of great success. If you turn back to it, something big will never come to you. It could be someone’s birthday, listening to music of your choice, having a morning stroll romancing with flowers and butterflies, or enjoying a great feast.

Develop Positive Approach towards Life

Develop Positive Approach towards Life

Life is never good or bad, it gives what you expect from it! If I can think it will be good, everything will be pleasant to you. If you curse it, it will kick you back. Pamper your life and express your gratitude to all everyone who matters in your life and to God for gifting you a human life, which is considered to be the best in this world. Your gratitude should be the biggest pleasure, which can make you think positive and enable you to do everything for the betterment of your future.

Feel blessed and happy for everything you possess. Have you seen small kids playing on streets living in shanty houses? You are bestowed with much better life than those kids! Still, you will never find remorse on their faces but happiness in their faces without any repentance. Because they know how to live! They teach us a lot. They teach how to live life and how to enjoy every bit of it with utmost fervor and zest!

It’s entirely how positive you can be in your life. Don’t repent on what you lost; thank almighty for what he blessed you with! It will pump a feeling of positive thoughts within you and hum the soothing songs of life and happiness in your ears.

Listen to the Music of Life

Listen to the Music of Life

Take life as it comes and finds out ways for making it better! Get inspiration from much less fortunate people but aim the stars. You will experience that you have graduated yourself from a whining person to a happy and jovial individual, who can spread happiness and positivity in others lives too! You yourself can feel the magic of positive approach towards life the day you will stop repenting for your loss!

Life is full of magical gifts that you have to accept! Youth day is ahead on August, 12! Be youthful, inundate with full of energy, positivity, and lots of happiness that this day comes to remind you! Celebrate every second of life because each second you’re leaving behind is unique, which will never return!

You can share your thoughts and experiences! I am sure each one of you has something to share as life is full of surprises for each of us! Happy Youth Day! Be happy and full of energy!

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