“The body never lies” well said by popular dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. This stands true in every sphere of life – in an office, corporate seminar, boardroom, or on a stage. Have you noticed someone taken the center stage without speaking a single word? It’s your million dollar smile, fearless eyes, perfect posture, confident body language, the magnetic charisma that speak volumes about you and your approach without uttering a single word.

Unfortunately, not everyone is graced with these personality attributes. It’s not everyone in the crowd that attracts you! Only a few are gifted with such charismatic traits. Do you want to be one of them?  Yes, you can! You may not change your appearance altogether but you can change and polish your non-verbal communication to join the league of charismatic people. Understanding and brushing up your nonverbal communication skills are the core to achieve success by standing out of the pack. It is not God gifted, you can practice and improve it.

Let’s have an insight into those killer tips to improve your non-verbal communication.

1. Right Eye Contact

Right Eye Contact

Eye contact is natural, healthy and obvious during verbal or non-verbal communication. It is one of the most effective ways of communication especially in non-verbal. You aren’t speaking to anyone but keeping an occasional eye contact – this speaks a lot about you, your approach and behavior. If you want to avoid someone, no eye contact can work. While speaking with someone without any eye contact will put no impact on the person. If you want to say something impactfully without actually speaking, use your eyes. Anyone can guess what you want to say through your eyes – if you are interested in the topic being discussed or not, whether you are interested to stay or quit everything. There is a lot of difference between staring and looking. Your eyes work differently when you are sympathizing, interrogating, interfering, respecting, attracting, attacking, dominating, invoking, or seeking permission to enter into a private space and much more. Your eyes automatically change gears on various occasions and act promptly given the situation. You just have to analyze the situation and your eyes will take the things forward.  So, friends watch your eyes in different situations and learn to conceal your feelings when required and learn to be vocal through your eyes when you want to be expressive. It will also help you read others’ eyes too! This is a great new skill that will help you at every juncture of your life.

2. Synergistic Body Language

Synergistic Body Language

Do you know about 50 to 70 percent of communication is contributed through your body language? A straight posture with your shoulders, backbone, and head in one straight line is the right posture. Often in an effort to display a right posture, many people thrust their chest out of the body and become a matter of amusement.  Do not overdo it. It comes naturally. A person with open body language is persuasive. Watch your posture and try to stay erect but do not overdo it. It is visible to others that you are adding to it. It is ridiculous. Be natural and keep a watch on your way of sitting, standing and walking. You can practice this by keeping some weight, like few books, on both your extended hands to your sides and walking. This balance game will help you keep the right posture for good. This will help you stay healthy, smart and confident also.

3. How your Fingers Speak

How your Fingers Speak

How you use your fingers in your daily non-verbal communication also plays a role in your overall interaction. If you want to avoid anyone to approach you use your finger to say ‘no’ with an annoying and gazing eye. When you explain a topic to someone you use your fingers to count the points you covered. When your favorite player wins the match you move your fist in a semi-circle to show your excitement. You use your thumb in an upward position for best wishes and thumb down for a failure. Hand gestures are known to worsen a fight by pointing a finger towards others. You use it to shake hand to greet others. Your fingers are your strength! Putting fingertips to fingertips displays your authority. How when and in what way to use it is entirely an art to be learned. This you often learn in your daily life and use it unknowingly the right way at right time before the right person.

4. Perfect Facial Expression

Perfect Facial Expression

There are many people who claim to be the face readers. Is it an art? I would say yes! But it does not require any qualification. Facial expression is much faster and well-read means of communication in today’s electronic world. It may include your frown, smile, eye expression, rolling eye, eye contact, scowling and displaying boredom and interest. You may often add the sound of acceptance like “Uh’ ‘huh’ “Humm” etc. Nod is yet another way of expressing your assertion about a certain subject or topic. Your eyebrows and its movement complement your thoughts and reactions. Your lip, tongue, and nose – all react to a certain situation depending on your thoughts on someone or something. To watch it all – stand before a mirror and try to react on the emotions like sad, happy, inquisitive, tastes good, devious, goofy and much more. I am sure this will help you know how important your facial expression can be, you want it or not, in a certain situation.

Making it short – non-verbal communication is hundred times effective and louder than verbal communication. It is all about talking through your gestures without using speech. So, friends, this non-verbal communication is most effective and can be used anywhere – at home, in your life, in your office and even when you are not in a mood to speak at all! Mastering this type of communication is by experimenting and experiencing in your everyday life. Few people are born communicators and some have to learn it in life through life lessons. Do you think there is something you can add to it? Leave your suggestions here!

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