Presentations are one of the best tools to inform, engage your audience, influence them, and point them towards a call to action towards your cause. There are a lot of things that can lower the chances of making a strong and lasting impression on your audience that you need to acknowledge and avoid.

Firstly, make it a point to show that you are passionate about the subject of the presentation that you are delivering. If you do not give out the right vibes, you might not be able to engage the audience and you might see the attendees walking out during the presentation. Keeping your audience interested should be among your top concerns at all time besides making them aware of the key points of your content, engaging them with a conversational style, and finally influencing them to care about your cause and take suggested action.

If you are looking for more tips to improve your presentation skills, this infographic from Malcolm Andrews is an awesome resource packed with insightful statistics and practical advice to help you.

Malcolm Andrews

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Malcolm Andrews is an Executive Coach with 20 years of working with organizations in Hong Kong to identify and respond to the development needs of their key people. He specializes in the area of Management Communication Skills. His range of workshops and coaching programmes include Leadership Style Development, Presentation Skills, Stakeholder Management, Negotiation Skills and Meeting Management.

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