Teacher holds a great value in our lives. When it comes to selecting a teacher, you should know what attributes a teacher should have for a great teaching. In this piece of information, we will talk about the characteristics of a good teacher. Also, what teaching methods do they use? To start with, let’s understand who is a teacher!

Who is a Teacher?

A teacher designate a common vocation, that of teaching. The role of a teacher is to pass on to the coming generations the values and knowledge that are considered transcendental, worthy and of great importance.

At present there are diverse and discussed models of teaching that range from focusing attention to military discipline: some, more conservative, consider the student a passive entity that must receive knowledge from their tutors, and others, more contemporary, propose that student and teacher are active entities in a mutual process of teaching and learning.

The teachers then have the mission of keeping a culture alive and cohesive, while promoting and nurturing the development of individual talents and ethics. They are the main people in charge of the future world.

Characteristics of a Good Teacher

  1. Willing to Learn
  2. Never neglect own Training
  3. Transmits Passion for Learning
  4. Gifted with words.
  5. Patient.
  6. Enthusiastic
  7. Full of integrity and authority.
  8. Humble.
  9. Value and Stimulate Creativity.
  10. Intuitive and Observant.

1. Willing to Learn

The first trait of a good teacher might seem paradoxical to the naked eye, but as stated by Venezuelan educator and Jorge Arreaza: “It cannot be an educator who has lost the ability to learn.”

The teaching is far from being a unique and rigid method to which all without distinction must adapt since the understanding is given through varied and divergent methods.

A good teacher must understand this deep truth and be willing to rethink their schemes, varying their methodologies and above all learn from their own teaching experience.

2. Never Neglect Own Training

Just as knowledge is updated, a good teacher must consider growth challenges that prevent him from becoming stagnant in his methods and approach to what he teaches.

He should exercise the investigation as well as spend a good time preparing his lessons since nothing is more discouraging than a teacher who is not very interested or less instructed in his subject.

3. Transmits Passion for Learning

The Irish poet William Butler Yeats said that education was not to fill a bucket, but to light a fire. By this, he meant that a teacher has to be a propagator, a stimulus, that inspires his students in the ways of learning, and not a simple repeater of the information. A well-educated student will be the one who leaves the classroom with the desire and the tools to understand more about the subject studied.

4. Gifted with Words

More than anything in the world, a teacher’s tool is what it says. Therefore, it must have verbal facilities that allow it to express itself, not only correctly, but in different ways in case, it needs to vary its approach to the subject in question. You will not always have the same kind of listeners, after all.

5. Patient

Comprehension is key when building a communicative bridge between a teacher and his students. Not everyone will learn in the same way, nor will they have the same skills, the same talents or the same family conditions. A good teacher must be generous with his attention and with the time his students require to understand him.

6. Enthusiastic

Teaching is a profession that pays off later. It should not discourage you. On the contrary, the teacher must possess innate confidence in the sense of transcendence of his work, because only with timely education becomes evident; but when it does, above many things, it becomes noticeable.

7. Full of Integrity and Authority

This does not mean that he must be a punishing master or a kind of dictator in the classroom. On the contrary, he must know how to earn the respect of his students by becoming a positive link and a role model.

Especially with a difficult audience, such as the adolescent or people in situations of risk, this may eventually involve imposing themselves, granting them a place of authority in the classroom. There are smart ways to do it.

8. Humble

To boast of the titles obtained or to protect oneself in the position held is a poor method to acquire respect and a bad way of proposing a teaching link.

The students are not there to satisfy the teacher’s ego; in any case to learn to deal with your own. A good teacher must be accessible and friendly, it is not necessary to always be on a pedestal.

9. Values and Stimulates Creativity

Not always a written exam will be the best way to measure learning. Not always what the book says will be the most useful teaching of a session. A good teacher does not forget that to acquire the information there are books and libraries: the class is going to incorporate a dynamic of thought, which has to contemplate creativity, originality and the ability to reflect, over memorizing hard information.

10. Intuitive and Observant

The details, as the proverb says, are everything. A good teacher knows when to approach a distance student, when to demand greater results from a weak student and how to evaluate a group of people with very different potential. It is about appreciating individual learning processes without losing the notion of whole and natural competition. An ideal teacher should know much more about his students than his record of grades.

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