“A Friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words”
– Bernard Meltzer

Today is friendship day! A day full of joy, hangouts and staying connected. Right now, I wished everyone on Facebook on this occasion but was confused how many of you are really connected to each other? Do you often exchange mails, messages or share any links to stay connected. Probably not! Albeit, it is not the only way of staying connected. I do not say that everyone should do so or vice versa, it’s entirely your personal choice; but I wish to remind friendship is one of the ways that can bring happiness in your life. Our preoccupation, our back to back schedule never allow us to think about anyone else, it has made us an offbeat creature. We say only when we feel the need or else we remain aloof from everyone!

How actually friendship can bring happiness, motivation and positive thinking in your life is a matter of debate but I am sure some of you would surely engage in this debate and help me out in concluding this post!

What is Friendship

Good Friends are like stars
You do not see them all the time
But you know, they are there – For You

To start with let’s know what actually is a friendship? Is it a feeling that connects you with someone, you can trust and understand well; or is it someone with whom you can play, spend time and handout?

The definition could be different for various people but the feeling of happiness and positivity remains same for all if you have ever felt this precious treasure of friendship! Let’s not embroil in this controversial definition of friendship and find out how it can bring happiness, which is of the essence in this fast pace life.

Friends Remain for Life

Friends are for life if they are true friends. Finding real friend is much harder than getting a kidney donor. It is easier to get kidney or liver donor but finding true friend is much, much tougher. You know why? Because it requires time, emotions, sacrifice and dedication! We are missing all these feeling in today’s world. We are more practical and self-centered. Still a few people are still holding the flagship or friendship due to which this day is still enjoying is worth. Yes, I am talking about those people for whom their friends still hold a great place in their lives. Such people may not flash a single smile for months but a single phone call of any friend can make them smile ear to ear. This is all about feeling and devotion. I feel probably such people are the cornerstones holding the flag of friendship in true sense.

How Friendship Brings Happiness

How friends can permeate happiness and motivation in our lives? Happiness and motivation are the byproducts of our feelings and the state of mind. How we feel about ourselves, others and how well we are able to handle stress of work, relations and responsibilities. It all impacts our life and make or break our lives. If your friends are real dudes, no doubt they are great source of motivation and happiness. They can help you sail through rough patch of your life smoothly encouraging you at every moment and supporting you from all quarters – emotional, social, and practical fronts.

Who Could Be Your Friend

It is not necessary that your friends should be out of your family members, in fact your family members could be your best friend. It could be your husband, brother, sister, mother, father or anyone who is dedicated enough to help you and stay with you at any junction of your life – good or bad!

Take Right Decision

So, this is the day and time to realize and retrospect who is the real friend who walked along in every occasion when you needed them most and when you were all alone! Just ensure you take right decision because it will not only help you lead a better life but it will also gift you with such a best friend that you will rejoice for life!

A friend scolds like a dad
Cares like a mom
Teases like sister
Irritates like brother
Friendship is the blend of all relations

If you liked this post and wish to share your experience please do! I would be eager to hear from you all!

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