I am sure something or the other keeps you upset and down at personal front! It may not be right for those who are quite satisfied in their personal lives! A few fortunate ones would be there, I am sure! This piece of stuff is only for those who wish if they could be happier in their personal front too! If you are happy, this is not for you! You can skip this page!

For those who have attained great heights of success in their career and professional life but looking to find ways to find the same satisfaction and happiness in their personal lives too, here are a few tips that can make your personal life too full of happiness and delight!

Identify the Pain Point

The first step is to realize the actual pain point, the worry or the cause of dissatisfaction! It could be strained relation, money, principles, incompatibility, difference in perceptions, kids, ego etc. Once you have identified your pain point, it’s time to begin searching for solutions. There is no problem that has no solution. Solutions come almost simultaneously with the problem. You just need to identify and implement it.

Some Specific Solution

Some Specific Solution

There are several solutions clinging with unique problems but a few are universal assuagers! It can dilute all types of problems in your life, irrespective of its nature!

Yoga is one of the most effective and widely used solutions since ancient days. India being the origin of Yoga, it is highly appreciated and relied upon by Indian people. But it has the solution for the entire human race.

Soul of Yoga

Soul of Yoga

Yoga is all about union with Almighty! It is the practice of attaining permanent peace by uplifting your mental, physical and spiritual state! When all three states are in harmony, it relieves you from all stress; and you experience a sense of happiness and contentment.

You should resort to yoga for getting solution to all types of resentment and dissatisfaction to attain peace of mind! When you are not happy in your personal life, it’s visible in your professional performance too! So, to be happy in life and lead a contented life, it is necessary to be successful in both the fronts!

Meditation is a part of Yoga. It is one of the most popular therapeutic exercises strengthening and supplying confidence and energy within your body and soul. It is all about concentration and focusing on your brain, body and mind. It offers emotional, physical and spiritual strength to your soul. At an advance stage of yoga it gives a feeling of self realization. There are various forms of meditation i.e. relaxation practice, breathing practices, meditation practice etc.

Meditation teaches you to control your mind and develop inner strength! It is not about curing any disease but it prepares you to face any challenge and provides a sense of peace and calmness required to combat them.

Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation Therapy

When you are stressed for any reason your nerves are strained and mind is within its shell, not ready to open up to reach out any solution. It needs to be expanded and the cob-webs should be cleared to make it work effectively.

Relaxation is the therapeutic solution to unwind the unnecessary confusion and cobwebs in the brain to enable it work properly. Under these circumstances you want to restrict yourself within your own circle of thoughts, dispelling all solution available before you beyond that predefined circle by you. You want to live within your own world of confusion and myths.  This is very serious situation that may often become fatal leading to depression and suicidal tendencies. Beware, you need relaxation therapy and before that you have to convince your mind that you’re need relaxation.

Once you have convinced yourself resorting to this therapy, you have won half the battle. Now find some isolated place and lie on the ground not before spreading a piece of sheet to provide comfort to your body.

How to Do it

Just try to throw your limps – hands, head and legs – lifeless on the floor. Just ensure no part of your body is stressed and active. Feel that all your body parts are senseless. Don’t bring any thought and emotions in your mind. Let the mind rest in peace, as if you are unaware of the surrounding. This condition of body and mind is called “Savasana” in yoga term. One of the most affective relaxation techniques to relieve you from stresses!

Try it out! You can even do it at your work places too by closing your eyes sitting on your chair! Just feel your mind is hollow!  Without any thoughts and take deep and long breaths which is the soul of your body. Deep breaths energize your body and offer a great sense of relaxation. Just be in this position for 2-5 minutes and you are ready to hit the work floor with improved energy and enthusiasm. Try it out in your work place often whenever you feel exhausted and drained out! I am sure you would feel the difference in few days!

Blissful Solitude

Blissful Solitude

This is the most positive and result oriented solution to all your personal problems. Whether you are going through the rough patch of your life or struggling to collect pieces of your mental peace, driving yourself to an unknown solitude is the most effective solution, which has been in practice since ancient times. Saints and often emperors used to do it often to get solace and strength to face the struggles of their lives and take rights decisions.

Where to Find

You can opt for this solution once in 2-3 months or even more frequently. You need to reach a serene and peaceful destination to stay for a few days! There are many, like Ayurvedic Spa and Treatment Centers or any other place that is away from the dusty and noisy environment of metropolitan cities.

What they Offer

These resorts/centers are specially meant to offer you best Ayurvedic and wellness treatment taking away all your stress and problems out of your body leveraging various therapies. These resorts are within the lap of Mother Nature, which is the cure to all your trouble and gives a blissful peace. If you are successful in your profession, of course you can spend your money and time for relaxing and getting rid of stress too!

Trust me, when you will be back, you will find a new you in yourself! All your confusion, stress, strains and troubles have drained away from your mind and soul. You would be ready to face the new battles of your life with enthusiasm!

You deserve this much happiness in your life.

All the above tips are for those persons who are professionals highly acclaimed and successful and acclaimed but somewhere unsuccessful in their personal lives and struggling to find ways to balance their personal and professional lives.

Hope this piece of post has given you some quite genuine and realistic happiness tips when you are in need of it most!

Try these once and I am sure you will make it a habit for rest of your life to be happy and blissful in your personal life.

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