Are you always complaining about small issues? Always in a bad mood, clung with an issue that is worthless? Feeling bad about what you do not have? “Why cannot I own a car as good as our neighbor’s?” Is this you? I understand!

This is the typical mentality of the most of the people around us. It actually sucks! A hung face all day, a feeling of worthlessness, sleeping disorder, sudden weight gain or loss, loss of interest and restlessness for many days are the signs that you are depressed.

The reasons could be many for being depressed. For some, it could be life’s struggle – a relationship that is not working, long-term loneliness, abusive parents or life partner, long-term unemployment, or being a drug or an alcohol addict. The most prominent of all is the diminishing values of our relationships. Let’s talk about it in brief:

Artificial Relations

Artifical Relations

In today ambitious world, a sense of belongingness is lost. Fame, money, workload is all that the world of today is engrossed in. There is a lack of warmth in our relationships! Every relation has become artificial with loads of expectations. A mom is not ready to feed the child to retain a good figure. A father is busy enough to have a dialogue with kids. Is this the world we have been dreaming? It’s not like we are not dealing with these stresses, the fact is we must not forget to laugh, mingle with family and value relationships in our lives.

How to Keep Depression at Bay

Depression is not about being getting insane. Understand it like a disease, which can be cured. As home remedies for stomach ache are available, similarly, depression can be tackled at your own personal level. You have to discover and treat it yourself. Here are ways to treat your depression.

1. Appreciate Yourself

Appreciate Yourself

Firstly, love yourself. No matter whether you are unemployed or going through a chronic illness or anything that is bothering you, learn to love yourself. God helps those who help themselves. So, begin to love yourself each day, every moment. Look at yourself in the morning and say “I am Positive about life” these words are healing. They create a positive vibe around you. Get a sound sleep and don’t oversleep or be sleep deprived. An 8-hour complete sleep will make you emotionally balanced, creative, energetic and happy.

2. Go to Nature

Go to Nature

It is the greatest healer when it comes to depression. Nothing matches the magical healing power of nature. We have evolved from nature and are meant to get into the lap of mother nature. It always treats all its children with love, belongingness, and care – without any bias. It’s a lesson to be learned. Mother never discriminates. It will shower the same rays of the sun, as it to anyone else. Going to its lap will not only calm your anxiety but it will also inspire you to remain unbiased with anyone.

3. Romance with Morning Sun Rays

Romance with Morning Sun Rays

Go out for a walk or simply sit for morning yoga, which is also recommended by many world leaders including Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi Consume the healthy and precious rays of sun to boost up your mood. Yes, it is a known fact, 10 minutes of sunlight in the morning makes your day. Jog, walk, cycle, or even dance… do whatever it takes you to get that sunlight. Any exercise release endorphins (the feel-good chemical in the brain), which improve the mood.

4. Your Eating Habits Speaks About Your Health

Your Eating Habits Speaks About You Health

Have a healthy breakfast. Never skip them. Have a lot of Omega Fatty acids in your diet; walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon fish and tuna fish are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Unexplained feelings of sadness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sleep disorders and decreased sex drive, all such symptoms fades away with having a balanced intake of Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. People, especially our millennial generation is more inclined towards foods that are artificial or not recommended for healthy life. Open your eyes. Time is now! Take care of your eating habits before it’s too late. More you eat fresh and leafy food, healthy you would be.

5. Let your Lifestyle work

Let your Lifestyle work

Get into your regular routine, whether you are an office going, a businessman, a homemaker or even a student. Find ways to distract yourself from thinking about the worries that bother you. Do activities with a group where you meet many people. The more you meet people, better is your lookout towards life. You will soon realize how blessed you are. Keep a day in a week free, a day just for you. Give yourself an entire relaxation package, could be a massage, acupressure, acupuncture, reiki or reflexology. It could be lying simply on the bed, or going for your favorite sports activities or dining in your favorite restaurant with your friends and family.

6. You’re More Blessed than Many

You’re More Blessed than Many

When you are depressed, you ought to think nothing but worries and negativity. Keep your mind alert and optimistic. This will keep you off the negative thoughts. Whenever negativity strikes, go busy with your favorite hobby. Tell your mind, there are better things to do. Why worry about someone’s bungalow, your two bedroom set is your paradise. So what if you do not have a swanky car, your car also does the same job! What if you cannot have a great career, is your lifestyle not enough to fulfill your dreams? Whenever you feel depressed; look down to those who are lesser fortunate than you. You’ll feel like a king!  Don’t curse your fate and circumstance for what you did not get, thank God for what you have. This is the best way to coil back to a life full of life and colors.

7. Music – Your Best Friend

Music – Your Best Friend

You may also take help of music. I believe it is the biggest healer when you feel down. It all depends on the type of music you are fond of. Whatever it is, music brings you closer to almighty for sure!  It is the biggest healer that can make your day! I personally have this experience. I never miss following singing contests that give me a soothing feeling at least for a couple of minutes. Music can make you cry! It can do anything if it actually reaches your heart. Do experience this wonderful feeling of listening to your favorite music are you’ll be ready to face the challenges of your day!

8. Keep Company of Inspiring Books

Keep Company of Inspiring Books

Read books that inspire. There are many! Mostly biographies and autobiographies of famous peoples can change your life and keep you going. Write regularly when you get time about your life or anything that disturbs or make you happy. Any incident that made you smile, it could be a child throwing tantrums at his mother, or a shopkeeper greeting you with a smile, or even a joke, this practice will make you feel happy? Remember, depression is volatile and every dark cloud has a silver lining. Just don’t give up hope. Be patient! Things are ought to fall in places.

Lastly, do you remember the famous moon man, astronaut Buzz Aldrin who accompanied Neil Armstrong in his first landing on the moon? He also suffered depression and strived hard to hold life together!  But after recovering from this dilemma he served the National Association of Mental Health as Chairman.  This is one of the inspiring life journeys to get inspired from.

Finding an emotional therapist is a path worth trying. It is based on the principle that human brains can diagnose and treat health problems. Life is beautiful. Every day is different, with its own set of ups and downs. Just focus your shift from bad to good. Don’t cry for what you do not have, make merry for what you own. You’ll all of a sudden realize how better and beautiful life is. Are you still not convinced! What’s harm in giving it a try? Would you?

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4 thoughts on “Are you Depressed? Shift Focus, Defeat Depression!

  1. Its an interesting article. But the most difficult problem is to tame the mind, as even if you know all this, its difficult to imbibe the real essence.
    Anyway even a good read helps a lot, to think positively.

    1. Hi Vineet! Thanks for the comment! Yes, it is tough to tame a human mind! I am sure you would enjoy reading “how to tame your mind” also which I will share soon! Keep reading and suggesting new topics you would love to read for better you and happy life! I will surely add it to my future topics!

  2. Hey Mamta
    I love the simplicity and universal applicability of the tips shared here. Good reads also include self help books as well. I read the entire range of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne when I was undergoing a tough time in my life. It entirely transformed me as a person. I believe there are things which help you out of depression no matter what.
    Stay strong people.

    1. Thanks Bhavna for your suggestions! I agree with you that self-help books are great and can help you get out of your depression! I will surely keep improving the versions of this topic! Keep reading!

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