Age is just a number when it comes to achieving extraordinary feats. Do you know there are people who achieved something really amazing and offbeat at a very advanced age when most of us would find solace in secluding ourselves? Have a look at the extraordinary courage and passion of these old people who achieved great achievements at an advanced age, defying age-related prejudices!

Sailed through the World at 77

Oldest Person to Sail through World

Although it’s a rare feat to sail across the world in itself, but a person at his 77 could ideally be a great achievement. Minoru Saito completed a complete circumnavigation of the entire world. A Japanese solo yachtsman, he has been one of the most astounding and veteran ocean sail boater in the world who has already successfully completed 8 circumnavigations of the globe, the last one at 77. The best part of the last circle was he sailed against the prevailing winds, wave, and current of the water, which took him 1,080 days to complete.

Practicing Doctor at 103

Practicing Doctor at 103

Dr. Leila Denmark had been an American pediatrician who had earned the accolade of oldest practicing pediatrician until she retired in May 2001 when she was 103 years of age. In addition, there are several other feats that make her stand out of the crowd. She was the 5th oldest person to live in the world and 3rd oldest in the US. With this, she became one of the few supercentenarians who earned popularity for other reasons than longevity. She died in 2012 at the age of 114.

Climbed Mount Everest at 73

Oldest Women to Climb Mount Everest

Tamae Watanabe – a Japanese mountain climber achieved a rare feat of climbing mount Everest at a ripe age of 73. Surprisingly this was her second attempt that took her to the peaks of Mount Everest. She already had scaled this mountain 2002 and then again at in 2002, ten years later, after her retirement, she again scaled Mount Everest at 73 years of age breaking her own record. A clear indication, achievements have nothing to do with age. It is just numbers that keep adding to your life without deterring you from the passion for doing what you have decided.

Earned Doctorate at 97

Oldest Person to Earn Doctorate

Dr. Heinz Wenderoth, who has become the oldest person (at the age of 97) to be awarded a doctorate degree in Science by the by the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hannover, has never actually bothered about his age. For him, age is just a matter of perspective. Born on 11th January 1911, Dr. Heinz never found age a barrier to achieving anything in life. He is amongst those people for whom their passion knows no age boundaries.

Obtained a Pilot’s License at 87

Oldest Person to Get a Pilot’s License

This is yet another tour de force seen in rare breeds. Retired Lt. Col. James C. Warren, has been awarded his pilot license at the twilight age of 87. There are many more accomplishments he is known to achieve. He is a former navigator of the Tuskegee Airmen and the first African American military aviators that served the US armed forces. Imagine what would have made this young old man to think of bagging the pilot license at this age? Probably it is the unrelenting motivation and an acute passion for flying.

There is nothing that is unattainable if you have that fire in your belly! No age, country, gender or society would ever stop you from achieving it. Just find you passion first and forget everything else. Passion has the courage to draw you closer to your goal! There is no expiry date to your passion and achievements.

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