Welcome to Gudbe.com – a blog that helps people enhance their personal excellence, motivate and inspire them in making their lives simpler and happier.

My name is Mamta Sharma and I am a full-time blogger making a living by blogging about self-development and motivational tips.

What is Gudbe.com

It’s a journey to happiness where you will get to know how to shape your life with a right set of motivational quotes, how to capture happiness in every moment that is passing by and how to be happy in every situation.

It’s the start of a new, vibrant and smooth journey leading to success and achievement by making your lives better!

Being happy is not tough, still, we ignore! It is scattered all over. You just need to find that fresh pair of eyes to identify it.

Listen to Happiness!

Have you ever thought what happiness is? Today I want to introduce it to you! Listen what it says:

“I am your friend! I have been always with you but you never bothered to look at me! I am your consciousness, spirit, soul, mate, and passion! I walked with you every single moment of your life, still, we rarely met! We were never apart, yet we’re strangers! I walked with you all your life but failed to register my presence! I have been the greatest cause of your survival, you never knew that. I was always within you, you search elsewhere! I stood by your side when you were sad! I witnessed your lust, pain, sufferings, and helplessness! I warned you against every wrong you did, but could not stop you! I celebrated your every achievement! I wept with you on your every loss!   

I am with you even now! I am your lifetime comrade searching ways to keep you happy and truthful! I’ll remain with you till you survive!! Could you identify me?

I am “happiness”!!        

So, friends, I am sure you all have met happiness in your lives! It’s time now to identify and retain it!

Why Gudbe

It was tough for me too! Listening to happiness… But after spending almost half of life I realized it is all about approach! You can consider a glass of water half full or half empty. It’s all your perception. You could find positivity in every negative situation if you want to! The more you understand yourself, your likes, passions, strengths, and goals, more motivated you would be enabling you to explore your full potential.

After having worked for more than 15+ years for various IT companies as a writer, I realized it’s time to give something back! Of course, Gudbe is not a social initiative but why not turn my passion into my career?

Although I still work for many companies and will keep doing, my passion lies in writing for those who are yet to travel the journey of their lives. Just a few proven tips, some wise suggestions may earn them the brownie points in their lives.

Give a try to your potential, see what follows!