It’s a human nature to avoid change which is the major cause of disappointment. It sucks! But this is the only truth!  In your life, relationships, workplace, family, society and government everywhere change is prevalent. To fear change is to fear being challenged.

Have you ever looked back and wondered how much has changed? I am sure most of you would! What does it say? Change is eternal. The early you accept it, less disappointment it would bring! Don’t escape change! It is impossible. Try to confront and flow with the surge. Changes may or may not be in your favor! When it is not in your favor, you must know how to cope with it and accept it without getting disappointed.

I have witnessed a number of changes and disappointments in my life, everyone does! The best part is how you deal with it and turning it into an opportunity.

I worked for years as a writer for various firms but only recently I realized it was never my cup of tea. I was always a person who worked on my own terms. I faced a lot of disappointment by not getting my share of appreciation and credit but it could never cease me to learn and grow. I made my own way and tried my hand doing something for myself than for others. I loved writing and I made it my profession. For many, opportunities doesn’t knock (it’s their view), I believe everyone gets an opportunity it’s only to see and grab them.  If you feel you didn’t get the opportunity, build a door! Simple! You will find new avenues peeping into it. Everyone is gifted with some talent or the other. It’s you to realize and exploit it!

Disappointments will knock; you need to know how to turn it into opportunity! Let’s have an insight how to transform it into success when you are stuck in an ocean of disappointments!

1. Give Success your Own Definition

Define Success your Own Way

It’s you to create your own definition of success. For many, it could be grabbing a lucrative job, building a sprawling house, driving a swanky car, owning a farmhouse at the outskirt of a big city etc. If you can define success in your own terms, it will not only keep you satisfied and confident but it will also motivate you setting higher goals of success every time you achieve one. Start humbly, grow gradually! This often works! Don’t jump to success! Bigger the success, harder the fall! Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.

2. Understand What Failure Wants to Tell you

Learn from Failures

If you could not clear an interview for many times, you would probably think you are not capable of or you failed. Do you know how actually to deal with it? You get to learn those ways that wouldn’t work! Every failure adds the new way you have to avoid. Every time you come to know what wouldn’t work! This means you’re getting closer to win! There are thousands of millionaires and entrepreneurs that finally succeeded after many failures. Losing hope is the biggest failure in life. Don’t lose hope! Stepping on those failures you will eventually reach the success.

3. Relax and Be Casual

Do SWOT Analysis, Focus on Weaknesses

SWOT is one of the most technical and tested ways that can turn your disappointment into success. It stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Ideally, it is done for businesses to grow but I feel it works at the personal level too. Just analyze your strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats that you may face. This will give a clear insight into your weaknesses and how to work on those to reach your goals. You’d learn how to improve your strengths working on your weaknesses and the opportunities and threats waiting for you. It will create a roadmap to success.

5. Make Successful People Your Mentor

Make Successful People Your Mentor

More people bring diverse theories to the table. Sitting alone and mourning on your loss or failure wouldn’t work. Seek advice and opinions of those you trust or know they have gone through the same crisis and still have accomplished many things in life. They would have the key to success for you. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to give you a magic wand but you can get the process that can lead you to success.

6. Focus on Right Way not Right Result

Focus on Right Way not Right Result

I always suggest my kids to do their best in their studies not for marks or great results but for your own satisfaction and knowledge. I always prefer doing things for your own happiness and not for yielding high dividends. There exists nothing like perfection as per my thoughts. Nobody can claim I am perfect or I did something nobody can exceed. Just focus on the way you want to go and put your best efforts and time to it not to get the results but to learn what will not work, to polish your skills and bring satisfaction to your life. Results would automatically follow when it has to. If it doesn’t, it’s time to redefine your approach performing SWOT analysis with fresh eyes.

7. Be Smart and Stay Updated

Be Smart and Stay Update

Being updated in this world of digitization is also an important aspect for your success. Every day is a new beginning when it comes to learning and updating yourself. Everyday day add something new to your bank of knowledge. Try to grab as many opportunities to learn and update yourself as you can. There is no substitute for knowledge. During this process don’t forget to act smartly. Even after having great knowledge, you may not achieve success due to lack of having the rationale to understand the situations and acting smartly. I understand it may not be learned as it is often inherited but there is no harm in trying.

8. See the Glass Half Full not Half Empty

See the Glass Half Full not Half Empty

It is about how motivated you are! You may see the glass half full or half empty. If you know how to combat the situation the glass will be half full for you or else it’d be half empty. Keep saying to yourself ‘Never Given Up’. This works! Keep good company. Stay motivated. Just remember positive results never come from negative thoughts. See your failures the glass half full. You will eventually strive to make it full knocking every possibility.

Dear friends, there is no success without many failures. Make your failures the stepping stones to your success by learning from failures and planning the roadmap with right analysis! It would knock out your disappointments and help you show the avenues of new opportunities. Have faith in yourself. Things will simplify!

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