“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” These inspiring words by Sir Theodore Roosevelt tell us about the value of work in our lives. The real growth of us is not the growth we undergo physically, but the mental growth we achieve for a better living. It comes from working. Let’s see.

In the 21st century where everyone of us is running in a never-ending race of earning more and more money, power and fame. We have somehow forgotten “The Basic Mantra” of our lives, ‘Karma’. In this universe, if something really stays with us is our ‘Karma’. Work for your mental growth rather than the virtual one. The day we understand this, every second of our work will start becoming productive, which is a big challenge nowadays. For this, here are some tips to increase productivity at your workplace, which always proved very helpful for me. So, give it a try:

1. Love Your Work more than You Love Your Salary:

Love Your Work more than You Love Your Salary

When you love your work, you discover you will never have to work another day in our life. Your work will be play and the hours will slip away as quickly as they came.” These beautiful lines by Robin Sharma always helped me to stay passionate about my work. Thus, helping me to enhance my performance day-by-day. The simplest way to increase your productivity is by being creative. We can only be creative if we love what we do. So, love your work. This will increase your interest. Thus, your creativity and hence your productivity.

2. Prefer Smart Work over Hard Work:

Prefer Smart Work over Hard Work

In today’s smart world, where competition is a big part and parcel of any field. Preferring only hard work will never bring you success. Look, every one of us has been blessed with some talent and everyone can work hard to achieve their dreams. Then why only a few peoples are able to do so? Have you ever thought why? Because they have preferred smart work over hard work. Be a smart worker than a hard worker. This doesn’t mean you must not work hard but do not do it aimlessly with a hope it will yield you results. It will not only save your time but also help you in being more productive.

3. Focus on Your Goal:

Focus on Your Goal

For this, we need to have a goal first. No hard work as well no smart work is going to work if you don’t know your destination. No matter how much miles you walk, it’s useless if you haven’t defined your target. So, set your goals first. Discover what you are working for. Then get the focus. Alexander Graham Bell once said eloquently, “Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus. ”

4. Schedule Worry Breaks:

Schedule Worry Breaks

There is a great saying of Mark Twain’s, “I’ve had a lot of trouble in my life, some of which actually happened.” Many of us are spending the best years of our lives stuck in a state of constant worry. And yet we all know deep in our hearts that most of the things we worry about never happen. Then why to worry? This habit of yours, do nothing but decrease your performances. Worrying all the time about useless stuff will divert your focus from your goal and also affects your performance. To overcome this, Sir Robin Sharma shared a great strategy – Scheduling specific times to worry, “Worry Breaks”. On this, he tells that no matter how much we wallow in our problems during the worry session. But once the period ends, we must train ourselves to leave our trouble behind and do something more productive. Thus, helping us to concentrate fully on our work. Enabling us to give our 100 percent.

5. Communicate Properly:

Communicate Properly

No matter how attractive our dish looks, no one will pay us a single penny if it doesn’t taste delicious. The same goes with human beings. In today’s competitive world, talent itself is not enough. You need to know how to market yourself. You should have good communication skills as well as it is the voice of your talent. A talented person with effective communication skills is like an ice-cream with a cherry placed on it. Every company around wants their employees to have effective communication skills. So that more costumers get convinced to buy their product. It is very important for you to communicate properly so that your colleagues, seniors, and juniors understand exactly what you want to convey. We have already discussed earlier the significance of great communication skills in our earlier blog. Your tone, pitch, body language and of course knowing your audiences well. Some good postures help us to make your workplace, your second home. Working at your own home is a pleasure and not a burden. Thus, your love towards your work increases and also the productivity.

6. Find a Positive Atmosphere:

Find a Positive Atmosphere

“A positive attitude can really make dreams come true”, David Bailey believed this and so did every successful person. Positive thinking is the key to success. Being in an atmosphere full of negativity will never help you grow. Moreover, you cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. So, avoid negative people, as they are greatest destroyers of self-confidence and self-esteem. Surround yourself with people who can lift your moral, mental status and overall life. So, stay positive. Keep growing.

7. Master Your Time:

Master Your Time

Work hard. Distractions are plentiful and time is short. All we need to do first is know how to use your time wisely. Once you are able to master your time, you can do anything. Yes, you can. The one who can manage time can manage anything. Time management is a great art not everyone can master. You should understand and know your single move and the result it can yield. Make a list of your tasks according to the priority. Perform it one-by-one. “Breaking a stick alone is much easier than breaking a bundle of sticks together.” It’s not impossible but very hard. Since we live in a smart world. So let’s just start doing smart work.

8. Be Confident:

Be Confident

All the above tips will go in vain if we ourselves are not confident of what we are. Self-confidence is the most attractive quality one can have. Just tell me, how can anyone see you how great you are if you yourself are not aware of it? Confidence is about believing in you when no one else does. This is what we need. Belief. A belief that we can do it. A belief that we want to do it. “A person who is confident makes the best leader.”

So, these are some of the few tips, which I guess definitely is going to help you to increase your productivity at your workplace. Remember, we don’t get paid for the hour. We get paid for the value we bring to the hour.

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