Life becomes boring if you choose to do a work, not of your interest. Moreover, if the workplace is not having a friendly atmosphere, life becomes worse and to top it off, if your boss is difficult to manage. Working for someone who is difficult to manage, loses your interest in working and the dedication.

No one likes to work for someone who doesn’t appreciate works and instead curses you frequently. Everyone needs motivation for better performance. What if your motivator demotivates you and your spirit? Difficult people are everywhere. They are equally frequent on workplaces. It is your own self-esteem, professional courage, and confidence that decide how difficult your boss is for you to deal with.

So, friends, it’s time when we need to become our own motivator because leaving the job may not the solution. So, here are some strategies to act smartly at your workplace and deal with your difficult boss:

1. Figure out Likes/Dislikes:

Figure out Likes & Dislikes

Before dealing with a difficult boss, you must have an idea about his/her life. You should know him/her first. Find out whether the boss is really a difficult person or is it just our prejudice? Finding what is his/her main area of focus? What exactly he/she wants from you? What does he/she care about the most? What success and failures mean to him/her? Knowing these small things about him/her will help you to do things accordingly. Remember, every difficult person in this world has a soft corner and some weaknesses. This is your task to find out that soft corner and make your workplace less stressful.

2. Try To Finish Your Work Before Time:

Try To Finish Your Work Before Time

One easiest way to do deal with your difficult boss and impress him/her with your work is completing your work before time. Doing this will leave a good impression on him/her.

Boss will start considering you as a hard working employee. Therefore, things will start working in your favor.

3. Keep Your Point:

Present Your Point

It is not necessary that your boss may always be right. Sometimes, it may happen that he/she would have taken a wrong decision which could result in a great loss to the company. Come on! He/she is too a human being. But if you know the solution or better way, you should keep your point in front of him/her instead of ignoring it but in a polite and soft way. Maybe, your solution will be what he/she has been searching and might start supporting you.

4. Let His Behavior Never Become An Excuse For Your Performance:

His Behavior should not Affect Your Performance

 No matter what is the bond between you and your boss, never let your work get affected by it. His/her difficult behavior may disturb you sometimes; you may feel like leaving the work incomplete. But doing this, you will not only affect the company’s growth but also your career growth. Maybe he/she will recover the damage by hiring other employee but what would you do? Your career growth will get affected!

5. Be Punctual:

Be Punctual

Every boss in the world wants his employees to be punctual. Boss knows the value of time.

He/she knows if someone can’t be punctual, can never be serious about his work. Thus be punctual. It’s a good practice.

6. Maintain Discipline:

Maintain Discipline

Every place has some set of norms and regulations to be followed. No one wants to have someone in the company who spoils company’s atmosphere. Maintain discipline.

Never let him/her feel like you are breaking some rules. Enjoying while working is not bad, but try that no one else gets disturbed because of your enjoyment.

7. Don’t Create A Bad Image Of Him/Her In Your Mind:

Don’t Create A Bad Image Of Him

Sometimes it’s not the person but you yourselves create a bad image of someone in your mind given some incidents. Who knows the person is not the way we have made the image! Sometimes, it’s just the circumstances which have made him/her the person as he/she is. So, don’t be hard on yourself and him/her as well. Work stress-free. Talk to him/her as well if needed. Probably your boss is totally opposite of your imagination. Remember, before coming to any conclusion learn to speak up. There is always a solution.

8. Try To Work With Him/Her For Creating A Revolution:

Work With Him For Creating A Revolution

The growth of a company simply means the growth of every employee working in it. Just see the company’s success as your own. Try to work for the betterment of your company. Work with your boss. Share good ideas and strategies with him/her. This will change the bond you share with him/her. Try to convince him/her that you too want the welfare of the company. Consider it as your own company. Its profits and losses your own. This will definitely make your workplace a better place to work.

Remember, every boss started as a worker. What you have to do is just try to impress him/her with your work and approach. Happy working!

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